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"Mature and ready to travel in style"

You know what you like and where you want to go, and this gives your safari a whole new sense of focus. Perhaps you’d like to unwind – in that case, consider all the details taken care of. Having grown children means you don’t have to book around school holidays, and you can avoid those times all together, ensuring a crowdless and kid free trip. 50 and beyond is perhaps the perfect time for you to travel. This is the time to have that trip that you couldn’t because of childcare restrictions and work deadlines.

When booking your safari, choosing the pace is up to you. If you’re up for an adventure, we are right there beside you! A couple of added creature comforts doesn’t diminish your Indiana Jones status. At safariFRANK we match the level of adventure you seek. There’s no reason to miss out on an adventure, even if you dreamed it up a decade ago. If you need it to be suited to your current needs and abilities, we can do that too. There’s no FOMO at safariFRANK, Fear of Missing Out in case you don’t know the term……

If you have any mobility restrictions or medical concerns, let the safari expert handling your travel arrangements know up-front. There is every potential for this to be the unforgettable Africa adventure you dreamed of. If a day packed with game drives sounds a bit much, and you’d like to take a slower pace, there are few things that can match the relaxation of sipping cocktails and enjoying an ‘armchair safari’ where the wildlife comes to you. Or spending the morning at the secluded bird hide. You might just spot something magnificent! We specialise in giving you access to the best Africa has to offer with all the added trimmings that a luxury safari has to offer.

Whether you are retired, finally getting a holiday without kids, or joining your grandchildren for the ride, we will make sure this safari suits you. The 24/7 built in assistance that comes with every one of our trips means you can rest assured you will be taken care of. Consider your trip to Africa an effortless one.

Seriously Impressive Safaris

Lodge and Canvas 13 Nights Rwanda
Budget level: High-End
Lodge and Canvas 11 Nights Botswana
Budget level: High-End
Lodge and Canvas 9 Nights Tanzania
Budget level: High-End
Lodge and Canvas 6 Nights Namibia
Budget level: High-End
Self drive 36 Nights Botswana
Budget level: Affordable
Lodge and Canvas 11 Nights Botswana
Budget level: High-End
Lodge and Canvas 8 Nights Zimbabwe
Budget level: High-End
Lodge 10 Nights Botswana
Budget level: Mid-Range
Lodge 10 Nights Kenya
Budget level: High-End
Lodge and Canvas 14 Nights Kenya
Budget level: Mid-Range


Active Adventure Intrepid Travellers

If you are a bush junkie who’s used to surviving long haul flights, and hitting the African ground running, then your biggest problem might be the map. Where should you go? Luckily, we have the answers. Whether it’s visiting the gorillas in Uganda or drifting down the river in the Okavango, we’ll help you decide where to make memories. Planning a dreamy safari is what we do best.

We get it. You’ve put in your years at the desk, and you’ve raised a brood, and now it’s time for you to live the life of luxury you’ve earned. What exactly that looks like is up to you. Perhaps you’d like a faster pace or possibly a ‘slow safari’?

If you fancy yourself in fine fiddle and you are one of those people who feel they are in better shape now than they were in their twenties, then full steam ahead for you. This could be walking safaris tracking lions in remote places like Chitake Springs, on an island in the Okavango Delta or even the Serengeti. Make a point of telling your safari expert that they need to try keep up with you, rather than the other way around. You can pick how much comfort or luxury you’d like to add to your adventure, but if a remote tented camp is truly what you’re after, then consider it done.

This is the time to tend to the bucket list. What adventure has been waiting at the top of your list? Is it the great migration of the Serengeti, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or searching the forests for the elusive chimpanzees? Whatever is top of your list, we can help you get there.

If you are a seasoned safari junkie and keen photographer, then off the beaten track is for you. We’ve made exploring Africa our mission and if you’re after a unique experience we know where to find it. You could go in search of the rare desert lion, see the seal colonies on the skeleton coast, or spend time focused on getting up close and personal with elephants.

If you’d like to spend some time exploring a new city, freshly brewed cup of coffee in hand, then Southern and East Africa are the places to look at. Cape Town, at the tip of South Africa, has a cosmopolitan up and coming Africa vibe. There is fine coffee, cultural and historical sites to see, and if you’re a food lover the fine dining experiences won’t disappoint. For wine enthusiasts a road trip to the winelands on the outskirts of the city will give you a chance to sample the best wine Africa has to offer.

A beach holiday is not the same as a beach holiday in Africa. Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya, Zanzibar and Seychelles all offer amazing African beach escapes. And then there are the less explored islands like the Island of Reunion. Even Lake Malawi is there for the sunbathing, with palm lined sandy shores it looks and feels like a beach even though it’s technically not. Dare to be different!

Intergenerational Safaris

When you hit those big birthdays, a celebration is in order. Why not invite your family and even closest friends to an Out of Africa birthday bash? Nothing says 60 quite like sipping bubbly in the bush while watching a herd of elephants graze nearby.

Intergenerational Safaris are a new trend, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. A trip to Africa is truly a bonding experience and quality time with the grandkids makes memories you can cherish for a lifetime. The bush is something that be enjoyed at any age, and with a safari expert helping you organise your trip you can be sure to meet everyone’s expectations. Intergenerational safaris can require a mix of activities, whilst the kids are at bush school and the parents are out on a guided walk, the slightly older generation might enjoy the comforts of the lodge. If easier access to vehicles and specialised lodges with wheelchair access is required, there are lodges that specialise in accommodating all abilities. There is no reason you can’t go on a safari with your grandchildren! We are here to make it happen.


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Easy and Luxury Safaris

Luxury doesn’t have to mean fellow high-end tourists sharing your maps at the breakfast table. If you are the aloof and loaded candidate, there are remote and less easily accessed camps that were designed for you. Some of the most amazing camps and experiences await in Africa!

If you fancy yourself an extrovert, and the more atop the Landy the merrier, then a group tour based at a busy and popular lodge would be ideal. There’s ample time to swap stories with strangers, better your sightings by word of mouth, and make lifelong friends.

And if you please, you can follow the smell of Marula scented candles to the spa. If it’s ‘pull out all the stops’ luxury you’re after, you have to be mindful of the lady of luxury’s rule of three: shop, lunch, and pamper. With the added, but hardly forgotten amendment for the bush: a lady never fans her own mosquitos.

African Expert Travellers

So, you are a seasoned ‘safarier’ and looking for the next adventure. safariFRANK will make it happen and take you down those paths less travelled and the gems that often await. Maybe you’ve already visited the regular safari destinations and are seeking the next ‘must see destination’ – we know exactly where to take you!

Having a privately guided safari is having a different kind of safari all together, next level in fact! Your personal guide has got you covered. This is the perfect option if you fancy yourself an expert African traveller. The guide can tailor-make the safari experience to ensure you get experiences and to go places you’ve never been or even dreamt of. Once you’ve had a private guide, there’s no going back!

Confide in your personal safariFRANK expert what you would like to do and where you think you’ll never get to go? And we’ll make it happen-and more.

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