Where to safari in March

"The end of March sees the first signs that the rains are ending, a great time to travel with cooler temperatures and the lush green of summer all around"

By March most of the safari destinations in southern Africa are moving towards the end of their wet season – but for us, this time of year is all about Botswana! Here, as the rains ease so do the temperatures. The days are glorious, tourist numbers low and great value packages are still available. Despite the recent summer rains floodwater from further upstream usually has not yet flooded the Okavango Delta making this the best time to visit the Delta and the Savuti region of Chobe National Park.

South Africa is also still a very good place to travel to at the beginning of March, as the weather remains good in Cape Town.

We also highly recommend Zambia, a destination which is particularly spectacular as the seasons change. The parks are verdant with life, the light is beautiful and in South Luangwa, the mighty Luangwa River is flowing fast with water- a photographer’s dream! Whilst some of the bush camps are still closed from the recent rains, many here are open year-round, so there are always a great place to spend the night.

For the seasoned safari traveler, Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia’s west is a highlight with plenty of water making for beautiful scenery and prolific birdlife. The wildebeest migration in the south of the park is still in progress and the herds are accompanied by some great predator action. It’s worth noting that getting around can be a little harder due to the recent influx of water, but we think it simply adds to the adventure for the wild at heart!

Namibia is also worth visiting in March as the heat is easing, lush grass covers the plains, sunsets are spectacular and passing storm clouds create a dramatic backdrop.

In east Africa in the southern Ndutu section of the Serengeti the calving season for the wildebeest is now in full swing, with up to 8000 calves born each day. This is a time of plenty for the predators of the area, especially the healthy cheetah population that call this home. The calving season of the great migration is as special as the river crossings, and well worth considering especially for avid photographers.

Read more about the Migration here.

The table below indicates the locations which we rate as the best and good in March.

For some inspiration, see Frank’s video on March Wildlife Sightings

Where to go in March

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