Where to safari in July

"In July the dry season is in full swing, making for great animal sightings and peak safari season"

It is a great time to visit just about anywhere on the continent. The weather can be a little chilly in the mornings and evenings, but temperatures during the day are blissful and it’s generally dry and warm. July is, however, the start of peak season, so expect more travelers and higher prices…

In most of the region’s national parks and game reserves, the bush is quickly drying out and animals can be found congregating in their hundreds and sometimes thousands, around waterholes. July is a superb time for animal sightings and photo opportunities.

In east Africa the migration is moving north from the Grumeti Reserves and depending on the rainfall of the year could be entering the northern sections of the Serengeti around the Mara River and even the Masai Mara across the border. This is the start of peak season in these reserves and it can get quite busy. Visitors should choose accommodation carefully to avoid the crowds.

July is also a great time of the year to visit the lesser known parks in Kenya such as Laikipia, Meru, Samburu and Amboseli. Combining these with the islands of Lamu on the Kenyan coast makes for a fantastic trip!

Ruaha in southern Tanzania has one of the largest lion populations in Africa and remains a safariFRANK favourite.

July is the peak safari season in Botswana with visitors flocking to the famous areas of the Okavango Delta, Savuti, Linyanti, and Chobe River. Wildlife is prolific and includes regular sightings from elusive painted wolves and white rhinos in certain areas, through to huge herds of elephants and great predator action! The Okavango Delta is in full flood making it one of the best times to enjoy a mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) trip through the tranquil waterways. The more adventurous will love the boating and fly camping opportunities in the Delta now. If you are keen to see meerkats up close or go quad-biking and sleep-out on the Makgadikgadi Pans, now is the time.

Zambia’s parks are now all open with every camp available to visit in peak season. The bush has thinned out and the grass has been trodden down, meaning that Africa’s finest walking destination, the Luangwa, is at its finest. The Lower Zambezi National Park is also exceptional at this time of year with a variety of game viewing activities on offer.

These drier months create some incredible opportunities in Zimbabwe. Hwange is famous for the congregation of enormous numbers of elephants around waterholes. There are some amazing close-up experiences to be had at camps in Hwange which are equipped with decks and hides in close proximity to water sources, these are probably the best in Africa!

Namibia is also an awesome destination this time of year, as the temperatures are still reasonable, and the scenery remains world class at every turn. The game viewing on offer in Etosha is also starting to hit its peak, making the country’s finest safari destination a good addition to any itinerary throughout July.

Peak game-viewing in South Africa’s northern reserves continue as the area becomes even drier, further increasing the visibility of the wildlife. In the Cape, however, rain persists along with a maximum daytime temperature of around 18°C. Nevertheless, the area’s famous whale migration is happening along the southern Cape coast making this area well worth a visit.

The table below indicates the locations which we rate as the best and good in July.

Where to go in July

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