Where to safari in January

"Most of the safari destinations in Africa now enter the rainy season, known as the green season"

As the new year descends on Africa so does the much anticipated rain. Seeking out fresh grazing opportunities brought about by the downpours, Africa’s wildlife and their new offspring begin to move across the vast landscape.

Throughout southern Africa the green season is a magnificent time to go on safari – abundant wildlife moving amongst lush landscapes offers plenty of game viewing opportunities, and the sunsets are definitely something to write home about. Migratory birds are also bountiful, so it’s a great time for those that like to turn their eyes to the sky.

From off-the-beaten-track adventures to the more widely known Cape Town the entire region is beautiful with perfect weather at this time of year. This makes it an ideal time for driving trips up and down the fabulous Garden Route.

January in southern Africa tends to be a little quieter on the tourist front making it a great time to take advantage of some competitive rates, making this adventure of a lifetime more accessible and affordable for all.

If you want to avoid the rain completely, East Africa is a great option – contact us [INSERT LINK TO CONTACT PAGE] to find out more on travelling in this area.

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Where to go January

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