What the African Wild can do for your soul…

4 January 2019

Those of you who have been on safari before will know what we are talking about: There is just something about sitting around a campfire under a million stars while you hear a lion roaring close-by, all amongst the backdrop of the ancient lands that hold all our ancestral history…

It is this feeling we live for. It is why we do what we do. Yes, the animals are awesome; so are the sunsets, but there is something the African Wilderness can do that no other place on Earth (in our humble opinion anyway…) can do: Africa awakes our oldest instincts and intuitions. Something happens within ourselves when we get thrown back into the environment in which we first developed our senses, our limbs, our instincts. It happened here in Africa that we learnt to work together as a team; it happened here that we started to walk upright as the savannah grass grew taller and taller.

mokoro sunset okavango delta

Our souls belong to the African continent.

It must be for this very reason that most people get completely hooked once they have set foot on the Mother Continent. You just keep coming back.

It is almost ironic: In the mainstream media, Africa in general is looked upon as a continent of conflict and of challenges, but what it often fails to portray is the fact that it might just hold the key to our future. As our world seems to move faster and faster by the minute, as we sit trapped within concrete walls in our civilized cities, it is starting to daunt on us more and more that we are missing something substantial: We are missing a sense of belonging to the very Earth we have been born into.

safari frank namibia dunes swakopmund

The old natural wisdom of the African savannah provides that sense of homecoming without asking for anything in return.

Africa is the last place on Earth where the giant megafauna is still roaming the National Parks; and whether or not we will be able to protect this vital link between our present and our past will define us.

It is for that reason that we wish EVERYONE would travel to Africa at least once in their lives (… because we know if you come once, you will keep coming back…) The awe, amazement and excitement within you will happen on its own. What we are striving to provide on our safaris on top of all that is an understanding and a connection between your daily life and this magical world you once came from.

khwai elephants sunset2

We see you out there…

Gesa & Frank

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