Week 9: Etosha & Khaudum

5 August 2016

Iconic Etosha

There are places in Africa that are just as iconic as the flagship species the continent is known for: Just as much as elephants, lions and giraffes the salt pans of Etosha National Park are known throughout the world – and therefore Namibias number one destination for travellers.

In the hustle and bustle of Okaukuejo – the first stop on our journey from the South – we felt a little lost at first: After spending several days in the remoteness of Damaraland, being amongst other human beings almost was too much for us. Almost. Because what Etosha rewarded us with after we booked a campsite and restocked on firewood and meat, was a drive into a landscape we both felt like we know: The waterholes of Etosha actually look like they do on David Attenbourroughs documentaries; the elephants that roam the arid pans are massive and make for great photo oppurtunities because of the white Etosha sand they cover themselves with to cool themselves off!

Northen Namibia etosha safari

We were lucky enough to witness three cheetah brothers out hunting some springbok in the middle of the day and we both agree that neither of us has ever seen bigger herds of Zebra than we did here! We’re telling you: There were so many zebras marching on to the waterholes that the entire horizon was covered in stripes!

Northern Namibia Etosha cheetah wildlife safari

Northern Namibia etosha frank and gesa photography

Khaudum: Paradise for Off-roading!

From Etosha we headed to an area not as well known as Etosha but just as pleasing to the eye and promising in terms of wildlife: The Khaudum concession in the North-East of the country has one of the highest populations of elephants in the whole of Namibia! To be quite frank with you: We didn’t meet too many of them in person. As much luck we had in Etosha, it seemed to have left us a bit in Khaudum. What we did encounter though were a lot of flies. This is how we coped with them in the end:

Nonetheless: What made this bushmenland so fun for us was the drive! Khaudum promises a lot of challenges for 4-Wheel-drivers as the area is covered in deep, deep, deeeeeeeeep sand for the most part.

But we are glad to report that we didn’t get stuck once! However, this was also the most tiring drive of all so far, so when we finally made it out of the concession and onto the deck of our lodge overlooking the Okavango River, the beer at sunset was the best one we have drunk for a long time.

… We are now back on the Caprivi strip for two days, preparing the car for the last leg: Zambia is waiting and we are ready to explore the third and last country of this trip!

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