Week 8: Damaraland & Kaokoland – Remote Rhino Country.

31 July 2016


It is a rare thing these days, to find yourself in a completely wild and remote place with not a single human soul kilometres from the ground you are standing on. Damaraland is such a place. After Frank spend a week with the “Save the rhino” – crew in South Africa, our Namibia-trip continued further up North to this remote moon-landscape.

After a night at “Spitzkoppe” – a stunning granite rock formation and a popular must-see on every Namibia-trip – we headed further into No-Mans-Land. Damaraland is a heaven for 4-wheel-driving and we really put our tyres to the test here!

namibia damaraland landscape 1


Spitzkoppen Lodge Spitzkoppe

The road less travelled…

The Ugab River is one of the strongholds of the desert elephants that roam in the Namib desert – and it is one of the most fun drives one can do with a 4-wheel-drive! Frank steered our trusty Hilux through the dry riverbed and had some advanced manoeuvring to do – clearly, not a lot of people take this road less travelled…

But no matter how rocky and challenging the terrain – it rewarded us with some spectacular views and a remoteness and wilderness that can hardly be found anywhere else in the world. A whole day went past without us seeing any other cars! 


Kaokoland – home of the Black Rhino

From Damarland we traveled further North through the Kaokoland and the Palmwag concession – and here we had a mission: As trained Nature Guides, both of us were dying to see one of the last free-roaming black rhinos in the world – and this was the place to find them! We started our day early and made our way into the Palmwag concession, spend the morning with desert giraffes and elephants – which was a special sighting in itself, but not quite what we came here for. Finding the elusive black rhino in this remote landscape can feel like chasing a ghost at times and it took us till the late afternoon until we finally found it: A lonesome black rhino bull busy feeding on Damara Euphorbia and marking his territory as he strolled into the sunset.

We had him all to ourselves for a very long time and both felt like this was a very special animal encounter to have – for all the wrong, sad reasons, as these incredible animals face distinction due to poaching. We hope you will get the chance to see these strange, yet amazing creatures in reality one day and encourage you to share our love for Rhinos by following RHINO LOVE on Instagram: @rhino_love_official


Makgadikgadi Pans Kubu Island Salt Pans Sunset

We are now headed to the salty pans of Etosha National Park – our last stop in Namibia – let’s see what else this stunning country has to offer in terms of wildlife-sightings. Bring it on, Etosha! 



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