Week 7: Southern Namibia – Desert, Dust and Dunes.

12 July 2016

Welcome to Namibia!

“It feels like we’ve landed on the moon.” – whoever has been to Namibia before may have said the same thing upon arrival. There certainly is a lot of space in this country – and a lot of sand which, on a windy day, can be quite the challenge…

But let’s start from the beginning: It was with a bit of a heavy heart that we left Botswana behind – the country really had us at “Hello”, so saying “Goodbye” was something both of us weren’t quite ready to do. Luckily, Namibia welcomed us with open arms and some stunning locations in the South that left us no time to miss the Okavango Delta!

From Windhoek we headed South via a strange, strange place in the middle of nowhere: The Quivertree Forest where on a rocky outcrop hundreds of these weird trees grow and make for a beautiful destination for sunset photos.

namibia photo safari namib rand

Fishriver Canyon

From the quiver trees we made our way through a remote desert landscape all the way to Fishriver Canyon – a jaw-dropping massive canyon in the middle of nowhere! No wonder this place is referred to as “the edge of eternity.” For Frank, this edge was quite the challenge because this Aussie is a bit afraid of heights, so to get the following shot was a very big achievement!

southern namibia fish river canyon views

The nights at fishriver canyon can be quite windy and as it is winter now in Namibia, it also got pretty cold – which is why we were very grateful for an extra blanket as we listened to the wind howling through the canyon at night.

southern namibia fish river canyon frank

southern namibia fish river canyon gesa morning coffee with a view

Remote wilderness

To get a feel for this incredible country, we recommend to get off the beaten track and as far into the remote wilderness of Namibia as possible! We found ourselves a beautiful tent at the Namibrand Reserve. The only request we had for our afternoon game drive was: “Show us an incredible sunset spot!” – And our guide delivered, look at this amazing place:

southern namibia landscape tracks


Big Daddy

From the remoteness of the Namibrand we headed over to a more crowded place which has to be on any Namibia-itinerary: the red sand dunes of Soussusvlei! And this is where the wind came into play that we talked about earlier: Guys, it was almost a sand storm as we started to climb “BIG DADDY” – reportedly the highest free standing sand dune in the world.

To be honest with you: We may have made a little mistake by heading over to iconic Dead Vlei first for some pictures and then walking all the way to the steep end of the sand dune and climb up – too steep for us, as it turned out! With the wind blowing the sand in our faces we were struggling on the steep side of the dune and watched with envy how everybody else got up “the easy way”.

But how proud did we feel when we finally made it to the top and overlooked Soussusvlei in all  its beauty. We are fairly certain: In years to come we will still find the red sands of Soussusvlei in our pockets but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and every little grain of sand will remind us of this windy day in the desert…


southern namibia deadvlei gesa photography

southenr namibia deadvlei frank landscape

southern namibia sossusvlei hike dunes

southern namibia sossusvlei dunes amazing

For the next week Gesa and Frank will head seperate ways: Frank is going back to South Africa to join the “Save the Rhino Trip” and Gesa will head to Swakopmund to have even more wind blowing into her face from the Atlantic ocean…

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