Week 11: South Luangwa

27 August 2016

Traditional Walking Safaris

There is nothing quite like a walking safari in the African wilderness. Nothing quite like getting up with the rising sun, stepping in the footsteps of elephants, feeling the ground beneath your feet. You never know what will happen once you get “out there” but so much is for certain: Anything and everything is possible.

Having recently completed our training as trails guides in South Africa, it is probably needless to say: We both love walking safaris. So South Luangwa was the one place in Zambia we truly couldn’t wait to explore: It is one of the oldest walking safari destinations and home to the most remarkable traditional bush camps. From luxurious to rustic – this National Park caters to every travellers needs – and we were fortunate enough to get a sneak-peak into all of them.

zambia luangwa valley campfire coffee

zambia luangwa valley game viewing frank

zambia luangwa valley big five walking safari

zambia luangwa valley walking safari frank tour

Zambia luangwa valley kafunta walking safari

Spectacular wildlife sightings

But South Luangwa is not about the accommodation; it is about the incredible wildlife you encounter on either walks or game drives. In the last week we had some of the most spectacular sightings: Several different prides of lions every day; numerous leopard sightings – both in the daylight and after dark; hyenas and giraffes at close range on foot; and herds of elephants as well as rafts of hippos as far as the eye could see!

South Luangwa somehow managed to hold on to this “old Africa feel” we know from old movies without remaining stuck in the past. We were especially impressed by our guides, some of them having worked here for more than twenty years. They seem to take a lot of pride in high guiding standards and the old pass on their knowledge to the young.

zambia luangwa valley giraffe safari
zambia luangwa valley pride of lions
zambia luangwa valley photographic hides
zambia luangwa valley lion yawning
zambia luangwa valley shenton safari hippo pod
zambia luangwa valley elephant wlaking safari tracking

The end of the road… for now.

What a perfect finish it was to our three-months-roadtrip all over Southern Africa! Almost 15.000 kilometres of road travelled; we saw incredible places, met inspirational people and are more in love with this beautiful, wild, strange, exciting continent that is Africa.

As we are writing these lines, we are on our way back to Lusaka, where Gesa has to catch a plane back to Germany… for now. Frank will travel on to discover what the Lower Zambezi area has to offer.

zambia luangwa valley frank and gesa

zambia luangwa valley kafunta sunset

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