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The Northern Tuli Game Reserve, on the confluence of the Limpopo and the Shashe rivers, in the easternmost corner of Botswana, is the collective name for several privately-owned game reserves including the Mashatu, Ntani and Tuli Game Reserves, covering all the land north of the Limpopo River. It truly is a beautiful area to do your course in!

Animals found in the Mashatu reserve:

Beside elephant, lion, cheetah, leopard and hyena, general game such as giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, eland and a variety of antelope, and nocturnal species like springhares, bat eared fox, civet cat, genet cat, honey badger and mongoose, are prevalent throughout the reserve. The bird life is prolific with Mashatu Game Reserve recording over 366 different species. The 4-wheel drive safari vehicles enable the student to leave the road and provide guests with up close game viewing and fantastic photographic opportunities. Night drives, with the aid of spotlights bring the bush to life.

Temperatures at the camp:

Mashatu camp can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius in summer time, while going down to temperatures of 8 degrees during wintertime. Temperatures remain quite high during day time in Botswana, rarely dropping below 22 degrees, while reaching 39 degrees regularly in summertime.
The climate over most of Southern Africa is temperate. Hot, dry conditions are usually encountered in the Tuli region.
Heavy summer thunderstorms of short duration in the late afternoon and evening may be experienced. Rainfall occurs mostly during the summer months (October – March).


The camp consists of 10 simple dome tents, each with two mattresses with pillows (two learners per tent). There are shared bathroom facilities and a central communal area overlooking the dry river bed. There are no mosquito nets at Mashatu.


There is no electricity at the camp – paraffin lamps are used for all lighting and a generator is used to charge batteries. Studying at night with paraffin lanterns can at times be challenging so a headlamp for this purpose is recommended as well as an extra battery operated lamp if you wish to study in your tent at night. The generator is for camp use so will thus not be switched on for the sole purpose of charging learner cameras or other equipment. Learners are allowed to utilise it when it is running for camp purposes and need to understand that it is used
at own risk.


Select beverages are available for purchase (over and above the cordials, tea and coffee included in the course fee).


Fresh, drinkable water is available from the taps. Bottled water is available for purchase.


A hand washing laundry service is provided at a nominal weekly fee

Game viewing vehicles:

The game viewing vehicle is open Land Cruisers

The Mashatu Camp is located in the land of Giants in the Tuli reserve of Botswana bordering SouthAfrica. Tuli forms a key part of the proposed Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty with majestic rocks, diverse vegetation, abundant wildlife, a profusion of birds and a rich archaeological heritage and spans over 25 000 hectares of wilderness.

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