Tour de Tuli by Antonie Wildenboer

28 August 2018

Incredible, unique and totally breathtaking!


Antonio Wildenboer

Time of Travel:

August 2018

Type of Travel:

Fundrasing mountain bike event through Botswana (Tuli Block) and Zimbabwe

3 words describing your trip

Incredible, unique and totally breathtaking are one of many words that come to mind when describing the Tour de Tuli.

What was your best wildlife encounter?

The best wildlife encounter would definitely be the numerous times that we viewed elephants from a distance, and once not so from a distance where we had to pass a herd with babies.  We had to cautiously proceed with the help of three Land Rovers shielding us from the herd as we passed, just to find out later that we were the last group to pass, as the route was closed off by the tour coordinators that felt it not to be safe !

Would you recommend this safari and if so why?

The Tour De Tuli is a must even if you are not a “die hard” mountain biker, yes the days can be long and hot, but being reasonably fit and with a bit of training beforehand it is a most enjoyable tour with the emphasis that it is NOT a RACE!


What was the terrain like?

The terrain varies considerably from long easy jeep track rides, single track, to technical rocky stages not forgetting the grueling sand riding that is mostly done on foot.


What was the organisation of the tour like?

The organisation of the Tour, that included all the facilities like hot showers, clean toilets, accommodation and the food and beverage, were absolutely mind-blowing fantastic, considering that all this is provided in the middle of the African bush with no permanent infrastructure!


Most challenging and rewarding experience?

The most challenging experience would probably be the heat during the day when temperatures can easily reach 34 degrees Celsius and water intake is priority number one. This said however just as rewarding would be the long slow rides through the majestic African bush, and definitely the comfortable camp that awaits you at the end of the day with gourmet food and drinks, topped off with a 20min massage by one of the 20 independent professional physiotherapists/misuses.


More comments?

The Tour De Tuli is an absolute one of a kind that is not matched anywhere in the world!

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