Top 5 BIG 5 Experiences

"In the presence of the 5 most iconic species"

There are many fine lodges and locations where one can see the BIG5 and tick them off your list. There are however, not many ways to fully ‘experience’ the BIG5. Allow us to explain:

The Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino became members of the BIG5 in the hunting era, as they were considered the most dangerous animals to hunt on foot in Africa. We don’t want to send you on a hunting safari, nor do we want to put you in harms way, but in our opinion: if you want to experience the BIG5 and find out for yourself, why they command so much respect and why they earned the BIG5 title – it has to be on a walking safari with some of Africa’s best walking safari guides.

Only with your boots firmly on the ground and with the leadership of Africa’s best walking specialists in BIG5 terrain, can you truly get an appreciation for these incredible beasts.

Below are some safaris that include a true BIG5 Experience.

Lodge and Canvas 8 Nights Tanzania More than 8 Guests Aug to Nov
Budget level: Mid-Range

“Includes Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Maasai culture and the Wildebeest migration”

Lodge and Canvas 5 Nights South Africa 4 to 8 Guests Mar to Nov
Budget level: Budget

"Walk with the best in the business in BIG 5 country"

Lodge and Canvas 6 Nights South Africa 1 to 4 Guests All year
Budget level: Mid-Range

"Two camps, two experiences"

Mobile Safari 9 Nights Botswana 4 to 8 Guests Apr to Dec
Budget level: Affordable

"The best adventure the Okavango has to offer"

Mobile Safari 14 Nights Botswana 4 to 8 Guests Mar to Dec
Budget level: Affordable

"Her favourite ways to experience the wilderness"

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