The Serengeti Secret. Off-Season in the North.

5 April 2019

Dear safari-lovers!

The following safari might not be for everybody, probably especially not for first-timers on safari. Although we think it should be. On our recent trip to Tanzania, we discovered the Serengeti’s best-kept secret. And naturally, we want to share it with you:

But first things first. To appreciate this Serengeti-secret, it is necessary to understand how the Serengeti works. So, the Serengeti is a vast Wilderness where totally different areas can be found, depending on which part of the Serengeti you visit. When going on safari to the Serengeti, most visitors come to see one of the most magnificent natural phenomena on Earth: The Great Migration of wildebeest and zebras. And it truly is one of the most amazing things you will ever witness: MILLIONS of animals moving seamlessly like a swarm across the open plains.

So the bulk of the tourist crowds will naturally always be where the migration happens at the time of travelling – either in the North or in the South. The North is a stunning piece of land through which the Mara flows – the famous, crocodile-infested river that the wildebeest and zebras cross annually because the grass is always greener on the other side.

Peak season for tourism in the North is approximately during August/September, when rainfall is unusual, and days are normally clear and sunny. The event of the river-crossing which is considered the ‘greatest show on earth’ and is high on many traveller’s bucket lists.


And now comes the secret:

If you come to the North any other time of the year – you will have the place pretty much to yourself. When we visited the Northern Serengeti end of January, we spent a few days of solitude with our partners of Nomad Tanzania at their stunning lodge Lamai Serengeti. We shared the lodge with only two other guests. The Northern Serengeti, thus, is perfect for introverted travellers seeking some peace and quiet.

The beauty about the North:

The predators don’t migrate. And the elephants also stay. So the game-viewing in the area is still fantastic! And while during peak season you are likely to share a great sighting with countless other vehicles – during secret-season you will very likely spend quality time all alone with the animals.

Naturally, the stunning scenery of Lamai and Northern Tanzania always remains and every sunset here will leave you speechless – no matter what season.


We totally understand if you wish to follow the Great Migration during your stay in Tanzania, but we highly recommend combining the hustle and bustle with a few days of solitude up North. January and February are perfect months to experience the spectacle in the South and then come up North for an entirely different experience.

On a little side-note:  We host safaris to the Serengeti as private guides on request for families, couples or small groups. Just enquire with the safariFRANK-team to find out more.

We see you out there…

Gesa & Frank


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