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Gesa Neitzel

A best selling author who has found Africa to be her true calling. For Gesa, safaris are supposed to be about something deeper than simply racing around and ticking off the larger and iconic mammals. There is a connection to the wilderness that is engrained in our ancestry and she makes it her goal to help you find it….with the help of elephants!

Specializes in:

  • Everything about Elephants
  • Yoga & Mindfulness
  • Creating Special & Unforgettable Moments
frank steenhuisen safari guide photographer

Frank Steenhuisen

Addicted to safari! Frank loves bringing to life the smaller aspects of the bush that are often overlooked and not considered important. Theres always something to see and he knows where to look! For Frank, safari is all about the experience and serious adventure, like poling a mokoro to a secluded island in the Okavango and tracking down fresh lion tracks on foot!

Specializes in:

  • Wildlife, Macro & Nightscape (Astro) Photography
  • Birding
  • Intensive & Immersive Walking Safaris

Why safari with the two of us?

Our love and passion for safari has seen us travel the continent extensively in search of some of the finest locations and most unforgettable safari experiences. We spend the most part of the year exploring the wilds, whilst identifying and refining the ultimate itineraries for you to experience. No need for your countless hours of research to figure out which lodge or region is better than the other – we already know!


As a couple we work flawlessly and efficiently together in ensuring all matters are taken care of and attended to – often without the use of words! We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and in so doing, ensure a richer safari experience with all bases covered. From a personal and hosting perspective, you get to see both halves of our story. A safari with the two of us is to feel at home. It’s for this reason that many of the couples and families who have been with us on safari before, continue to come back each year, and we are now happy to call them friends.


When we are not on safari helping you to get the most out of your camera and the situation, we are taking photos ourselves – all year long for our businesses! We are true addicts to wildlife photography and also spend many evenings under clear African night skies with our guests to teach them the techniques of night-time photography. Whether you are just starting out and wanting to get the most out of your camera or you are a seasoned professional – we can help you get the shot you’re after. Let us tailor make your safari to the best locations to help get you the perfect wildlife-shots!

We take the safari-experience to the next level. Coming on tour with us means not only unmatched wildlife sightings, but we truly immerse our guests in the African wilderness. As private guides we create special moments of silence and awe deliberately – because we know how important it is in this day and age to not only be in Nature again, but to truly re-connect with it. To feel the ground beneath your feet again, and be inspired by all things WILD – from the mightiest elephant to the tiniest termite – and take the values of the African Nature back home with you, so they can stay with you forever… or until the next time you need your “safari-fix”.

Going on safari is always a special occasion – many-a-times it is a lifelong dream come true. We want you to get this once-in-a-lifetime holiday right from the first moment when you enquire with our office until the last moment when you board the plane back home. Safari with us as your private guides means that you can rest assured you are taken care of every step of the way and that we will create an unforgettable experience for you. You won’t need to worry about a thing – let that be our job.

No matter where you want to go on safari – we can make it happen! Fancy a visit to the gorillas in Uganda or a walking safari in Zambia? – Let’s do both! Our flexibility in being able to travel anywhere with you creates a great sense of continuity and a far more in-depth and enjoyable experience. We only host a small number of safaris each year, many of them with repeat guests of safariFRANK’s wishing to explore new destinations, building and expanding on the previous safari and ensuring that the next one will feel like coming home.

Private Safaris With Gesa Neitzel & Frank Steenhuisen

The below Safaris are a selection of sample itineraries made to inspire families, couples and small groups. They differ from the traditional Scheduled Safaris as they are private and exclusive to one group (no travellers other than yourselves!) and there are no fixed starting dates (you choose when you want to travel!).

Use these itineraries as inspiration and contact our team to design your perfect holiday with Gesa Neitzel & Frank Steenhuisen as your private safari hosts:


Lodge and Canvas 8 Nights Zambia 4 to 8 Guests May to Oct
Price indicator $7300 USD

“8 Night safari with Gesa & Frank to experience their Wild Luangwa”

Lodge and Canvas 7 Nights Zambia 4 to 8 Guests May to Oct
Price indicator $8900 USD

“Join Gesa & Frank in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley for a photographic experience”

Lodge and Canvas 8 Nights Zambia 4 to 8 Guests May to Oct
Price indicator $9500 USD

“Gesa & Frank’s #1 Photographic workshop Safari in Zambia”

Lodge and Canvas 9 Nights Zimbabwe 4 to 8 Guests May to Oct
Price indicator $7400 USD

“Join Gesa & Frank as they take you to their favourite camps for up-close Elephant experiences”

Mobile Safari 9 Nights Botswana More than 8 Guests All year
Price indicator $7500 USD

“The ultimate Okavango experience with Gesa Neitzel and Frank Steenhuisen”

Lodge and Canvas 9 Nights Botswana 4 to 8 Guests Mar to Jul
Price indicator $8450 USD

“Experience the best of both worlds with Gesa & Frank in Botswana”

Lodge and Canvas 7 Nights Uganda 4 to 8 Guests Jan to Oct
Price indicator $7710 USD

“The ultimate Primate Safari hosted by Gesa & Frank in Uganda’s finest lodges & hotspots”

Lodge and Canvas 9 Nights Tanzania 4 to 8 Guests Aug to Oct
Price indicator $8300 USD

“A journey with Gesa & Frank to experience the best of northern Tanzania”

A word from Frank

I’ve designed the safaris that Gesa and myself host with the intention of  showcasing the Africa that we both love. Each tour is an experience that exposes you to incredible wildlife, authentic accommodation and informative interpretations of the natural world. There is a deeper connection to the wilderness and nature that can be felt in Africa’s wild places – allow us to help you reconnect.

Take your safari to the next level

Join Gesa & Frank on a private safari!