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Rhino News!


Thank you to everyone to donated in our IAPF campaign. We raised over $1000 which will be donated to the organisation in the next few...

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World rhino day


On the 22nd September it was World Rhino Day. A day for the rhinos. Organisations around the world got their message out and all of...

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June News- Breaking Point


21 confirmed poaching incidents within a week! The unconfirmed stats are around the 31 which is probably closer to the true figure. It is very...

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April Rhino News!


Just a few days ago it was Save the Rhino Day! But why not make May Save the Rhino Month or better yet, lets make...

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Breaking News


DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?? Well just days ago South Africa made it legal to SELL RHINO HORN!! I am still in shock.  (See Full article...

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A tragic February


February has really been a tough and tragic month for the rhinos in South Africa   Firstly we were hit by the bad news from...

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January Rhino News


Hello rhino lovers! It has been a good month with numerous poachers being arrested in South Africa. Unfortunately, the poaching incidents continue with a carcass...

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RhinoLOVE- 2016 Review


We are proud to announce we raised over $20,000 this year for the rhinos! A great effort from the safariFRANK team and their clients. Thank...

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RhinoLove fundraiser


On Friday 17 June safariFRANK organised a RhinoLove fundraiser in Brisbane. It was held at the awesome Blue Sky Auditorium on Level 46 111 Eagle...