Horseback Safaris

"Experience Africa from horseback and immerse yourself in a completely different safari adventure"

The group safaris with set departure dates are perfect for solo traveller riders, couples or smaller groups. They allow you to find your personal adventure on the other side of the world, with people who share the same enthusiasm; a passion for riding, horses, adventure and the unique African wilderness.

A vehicle-based safari is a wonderful and exciting adventure that you will never forget. However, riding in the same environment, far from engine noises, on the back of a horse that integrates seamlessly into the ecosystem will take your breath away.
On horseback, you not only observe nature you also become a part of it and be right in the midst of it. You will experience the wilderness with an intimacy that would never be possible from a game viewing vehicle.

Riding Safaris

Mobile Safari 7 Nights Botswana 4 to 8 Guests
Price $3150 USD

"An inspiring 8-day mobile horse safari across the Kalahari"

Mobile Safari 7 Nights Zimbabwe 4 to 8 Guests
Price $5435 USD

„A riding safari through Zimbabwe the way anyone would dream of“

Lodge and Canvas 5 Nights Botswana 4 to 8 Guests
Price $5150 USD

"A 6-day riding safari in the heart of the true African wilderness."

Horse Safari Passing by Kopie
Horse Safari River
Kalahari Horse Safari
Okavango Horse Safari
Safari unlimited River crossing
Pferdesafari Süd Amboseli
Pferdesafari Arusha Park
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Okavango Horse Safaris

Each safari is fully packaged and consists of a small group, usually with a maximum of 8 riders. The safari horses are very experienced and individually selected for each region to ensure perfect adaptation to the climate. This makes them reliable companions and experienced in what they do. Spare horses accompany each safari in case a rider wants to change horses.

To participate in these safaris, you should be an intermediate or above level rider. You need to feel comfortable and safe on horseback at all paces and be able to control your horse at all times.

However, we also offer horse adventures in Africa for the less experienced riders among you. Check out our Horseback Adventures as there are programs for beginners and safaris that combine and coordinate the activities of riders and non-riders.

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