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Predator Photo Safari

“Join Gesa & Frank in Zambia’s best predator viewing area for a photographic experience”

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May to Oct
6 Nights
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Lodge and Canvas
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A safari focused on helping you capture incredible images of Africa’s iconic predator species on top of a host of others that call the Luangwa valley their home. Gesa & Frank take you deep into the best game viewing area in Zambia where luxury bush camps, lions, leopards, wild dogs and everything in-between awaits!

South Luangwa National Park is nothing short of PREDATOR HEAVEN! It has one of the highest densities of leopards in the world with frequently more than one being sighted per day. Not to mention a healthy wild dog population coupled with big prides of buffalo hunting lions, the Luangwa harbours them all! The Luangwa is also home to plenty of elephants, buffalo herds, thousands of hippos, crocodiles and plenty of birdlife. Enough to ensure a wide and complete portfolio of images spanning a range of species, with predators of course being the focus!

Gesa & Frank have travelled Africa extensively, yet keep coming back to the Luangwa as the predator viewing there is outstanding. They have chosen two of their favourite bush camps which are set deep in the South Luangwa National Park and both grant access to different photographic opportunities. The first camp is located along the banks of the Luangwa river which gives access to the most ideal riverside leopard habitat as well as the water depending species such as hippo. The second camp is set further inland and has its own private in-camp photographic hide which is a magnet for animals in the dry season. This camp also grants us access to other seasonal hides set in prime locations for exceptional photography and not to mention the resident lion pride which actively hunts buffaloes year-round.

The locations are prime, the wildlife is plentiful and coupled with Gesa & Franks passion for sharing their Africa photographic experience, this is set to be the perfect photo safari regardless of your level of photography.

Itinerary in Brief

3 Nights Kakuli Camp

3 Nights Mwamba Bush Camp

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Situated high up on the banks of the Luangwa river Kakuli offers beautiful views of the river and all of its frequent visitors. The suites have been masterfully redesigned in 2018 and now provide a fresh and luxury setting from which to explore the riverine area of the Luangwa River. An area known for its big game viewing, particularly of lions and leopards.

South Luangwa is also known as the valley of the leopards and it is not uncommon to see more than one leopard per drive and one record at this camp of 9 in one day!

With only four reed constructed chalets, Mwamba sleeps a maximum of eight guests making for a truly intimate and exclusive safari experience. Each chalet has a skylight, allowing for viewing of the night sky from the comforts of your mosquito-netted bed, and each chalet also has an en-suite outdoor bathroom which contains a flush toilet and hot water showers through a bucket shower system.

The camp sports its own exclusive wildlife hide which is perfect for in-between activity wildlife viewing. Being the sister camp of Kaingo camp, staying at Mwamba also give you access to all of the Shenton safari’s photographic hides, guaranteeing unique wildlife encounters.

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