Safari Outfits: What to wear on holiday in Africa.

26 March 2019

“What should I wear on my safari?”

We get asked this question all the time, which is why we thought we write an entire blog article about it: What should I wear on safari? To mention one thing up front: There is no such thing as the perfect outfit and you also don’t need to stress about it too much. The following are just some pointers to what we find comfortable and practical.

From top to bottom, this is what we recommend:


  • A wide-brimmed hat, especially when going on a walking safari
  • A beanie for early mornings on the safari vehicle
  • Sunglasses
  • A light scarf or a “buff” for your neck

Upper body:

  • A fleece for those nippy early mornings before sunrise
  • A light t-shirt or button-down-shirt (khaki-coloured when going on a bush walk / on a safari vehicle any colour is fine. We recommend sticking to lighter colours instead of darks because of the relentless African sun)
  • A light rain jacket
  • Gloves (depending on the season)

Lower body:

  • Khaki shorts with lots of pockets
  • Long pants made from light fabric (especially good for bush walks in summer time through long grass)
  • Light walking shoes
  • Flip-Flops
  • Belt (for pocket knife & camera-capture-clips)
  • Breathable socks, half-long

A note on khaki-colours:

Don’t stress too much about it and don’t go over-board. No need to buy a complete camouflage-outfit. Any beiges, greens or browns you have in your cupboard will do just fine. If you must buy new clothes – buy things you can see yourself wearing at home, too.


  • Binoculars (we recommend a magnification of at least 38/8)
  • Pocket Knife
  • Camera & Lenses
  • Camera Capture Clips ( we use “Peak Design)
  • Camel Bag or reusable steel bottle (great for flights too!)
  • Kikoi (buy at an African local market – great to wet on a hot day for a nice cooling-effect!)
  • Maasai blanket (buy at an African local market)
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect-repellent
  • Little water-spray-bottle (we call this our “bush aircon” – great to use during drives if you need a little refresher!)

A note on water battles:

Please note that most lodges and camps will supply reusable water bottles for you to keep these days. They keep clean drinking water in big containers close-by and you can refill anytime you like. So a) you don’t need to buy your own before the trip, but b) please be mindful about it: If you already have a reusable bottle, consider not taking another one each time someone offers you one.

We hope this will help you a little bit to start with. When making a booking with us, you will receive a detailed packing-list and, rest-assured, the safariFRANK-team will gladly assist you with any questions you might have concerning luggage.

We see you on safari!

Gesa & Frank

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