RhinoLOVE- 2016 Review

16 December 2016

We are proud to announce we raised over $20,000 this year for the rhinos! A great effort from the safariFRANK team and their clients. Thank you to everyone who helped raise the funds and to those who donated. FRANKLY, you have made a difference!

The funds were raised through different means including donations, sponsorship in sporting events, selling merchandise, various events and doing a Rhino Tour with the Blue Sky Alternative Investments team.  (If you are interested in doing your own Rhino Tour in 2017 click here.)

The funds have been donated to a select few organisations on the ground in South Africa. Through your support we were able to help build a brand new dog kennels at the Southern African Wildlife College, this allows them to home more anti-poaching dogs and therefore increase their overall efforts. We were also able to fund a rhino notching procedure and provide supplies for the rhino orphans at Care for Wild.


rhino calf conservation

2016 has been another year where far too many rhinos have been killed for their horns however the positive news is the anti-poaching efforts has started kicking in and the number of poaching incidents have been on the decline. Now is the time to fight harder than ever to ensure the decline continues! Again thank you for your support in 2016 and we hope you will continue to help us save these incredible animals.


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