“Photographic Safari with Gesa & Frank” by Anna Zemann

31 October 2018

Pure, magical, unforgettable!


Anna Zemann

Travel Time:

August 2018

Type of Safari:

Mobile Safari, Botswana



3 words that describe your trip:

Pure, magical, unforgettable.


Your favorite place and why?

Unfortunately, I cannot choose! The great thing about the trip was that you got to experience so many different areas. It does not matter if it is the Okavango Delta, where there is a lot of water with lots of vegetation, or the endless dry savannas of Savuti, they all have their beauty. Every place was special to me and had its own energy.


What was your best wildlife encounter?

I have to say that I love elephants. Seeing and observing them feels to me like I am meeting very old souls who have been walking on this earth for a very long time. My most fascinating encounters on this journey, however, was the leopard. I had not seen this species before, and I got so excited when I saw the first saw the leopard sneaking through the tall grass in the morning sun. The way she moved had something very noble and mysterious about her. And her eyes were like looking into a crystal ball or the endless ocean. I find that they emanate a special kind of magic that has absolutely mesmerized me.


Would you recommend this safari and if so why?

YES! Apart from the fact that you cannot get over the amazement of the animal encounters, it was the time in nature that helped me again to get back to the original rhythm of life. We sit in front of computers every day, we live in cities, when we see spiders, we scream and kill them – but we are also part of nature, not separated; a fact that we have somehow forgotten in this modern world of today. And on this journey, you will know a little bit more about who you are or where you might come from. It’s definitely a feeling that nobody can take away anymore.

How were your guides, Frank and Gesa?

Simply cool! What could be better than being on safari with people who are so close to nature, love animals, have the same mindset as you and are the same age 🙂



How was your experience with safariFRANK?

I will definitely only book with safariFRANK & would recommend them to anyone. Everyone has their “happy place” and for me Africa has always been my big dream. I spent a lot of time researching safaris and where to go – unfortunately, I never felt well cared for and therefore never booked. You are almost a bit lost in the amount of options, all of which appeal to mass tourism and I did not want to do a decadent luxury safari, nor a safari where someone tries to lure you with the “Big Five”. I think if you are really interested in animals, nature and the countryside, safariFRANK is the only way to go! 🙂

You know what you get, the tours are individually arranged and you can choose between different options: No matter whether it is adventure or maybe something more quiet.

And last but not least: talking with Stephanie felt like I’d known her forever – I think I would book everything blindly with her 😉

What’s on your Africa bucket list?

Too much for too little time 😉 Away from safaris, definitely Cape Town! I also like the idea of the “Wild Awakening Safari”, so next year it will probably be Zambia for me. And at some point, I will certainly try to stay in Africa for a longer period of time. But where, how and when is in the stars.

More comments?

I think everyone should do a safari with you at least once in their lifetime. It is really enriching, the nature and the encounters with the animals. It brings you back a little more to yourself. Looking forward to the next trip with you! 🙂

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