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Right in the centre of Rwanda lies its largest city, Kigali. It’s the central hub for the country and the key access point for tourists arriving. It’s likely at you will have to spend a night or two here during your travels. There’re two main things you would notice when first arriving in Kigali. The first being how incredibly friendly the local people are and how pleasant it is to walk around and explore the many bars, restaurants and shops in the city. And the second being how neat, tidy and clean the city is due to the month mandatory clean-up service that everyone takes part in. These two points make Kigali to be a surprisingly enjoyable part of your journey through Rwanda, something that you probably didn’t expect.

Kigali is home to a number of great hotels and guest houses to overnight at when passing through or spending a few nights. Our favourite being The Retreat By Heaven. If you are passing through Kigali, it would be a disservice not to stop by the city’s best-known landmark, the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Here you can learn how and why the genocide happened and it also makes you appreciated just how far the nation has come since then.

When to Go

Best = Best Good = Good Mixed = Mixed

Why we like it

  • Clean and tidy city with no rubbish.
  • It’s worth visiting the Genocide Memorial and learning about the past.
  • Some fantastic and stylish accommodation options for overnighting.
  • Plenty of bars, restaurants and shops to explore and experience some local culture.

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