January Rhino News

20 January 2017

Hello rhino lovers!

It has been a good month with numerous poachers being arrested in South Africa. Unfortunately, the poaching incidents continue with a carcass found at Madikwe Game Reserve just a few days ago.

We have big plans here at rhinoLOVE to ensure we can make a BIG difference in 2017, setting a fundraising target of $50,000.

Latest News

On the 16th January it was confirmed that 11 poaching suspects were arrested inside and outside of the Kruger National Park by the South African National Parks Rangers. Numerous weapons, ammunition and unfortunately 6 rhino horns were recovered. For more about this click here. 

A very tragic incident occurred around Christmas, when 5 rhinos were poached and dehorned in their boma in North West South Africa. This horrifying event is a wake up call that no rhino is safe! For more info on this follow link.


Unfortunately extreme measures need to be taken to protect these animals and that requires a lot of funding! To donate visit: https://give.everydayhero.com/au/safarifrankconservation


We have a select few organisations that we love and support. Here is a brief update on what they have been up to over the last month:

Care For Wild

Unfortunately, 2 more orphans arrived at the orphanage in December, Leo and Faye. They have both settled in very well and have formed a close bond. Their carer, Petronel says they are both drinking well and are on their way to recovery. That is great news.

With extra orphans arriving it adds pressure on the orphanage as they now require more suppliers. Most of the babies are still milk dependant and therefore donations are vital to ensure they get the nutrition they require. The orphanage uses between 5-6 bags a milk powder a week, some babies can go through a whole bag all by themselves!

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Southern African Wildlife College

A message from Bruce, BatHawk pilot:

The December/January period was a busy month for the Bathawk Project, we flew throughout the Christmas and New Year period. This year period fell over the full-moon period making it an extremely vulnerable time for our rhino’s. A total of 75 hours were flown up until mid-January.

It was a bittersweet period with a record number of poacher arrests within the Kruger Park.

Unfortunately a number of rhino succumbed to poachers bullets over this time, but a strong message is being sent out to poachers and poaching syndicates that we will no longer tolerate them in our parks and reserves and they will pay the ultimate price should they be caught.

On the 21st of December we received a report of gunshots being fired in one of our patrol areas. We got airborne at first light to respond to the call. Before long we located the carcass of a rhino cow that had been shot by poachers during the night, both her horns had been removed. Alongside her lifeless body was her tiny calf, which was less than a year old, nudging her mother trying to miraculously wake her up! Moments like this are gut-wrenching and one has to fight back the tears welling-up, it makes one angry and sad at the same time. A rescue operation was immediately initiated. A helicopter and vet were dispatched and the little calf was darted and air lifted to a place of safety. Thanks to all involved in saving this little orphan. I am happy to report that this little fighter is doing exceptionally well in his new home and has bonded with another young rhino of a similar age who also lost his mother to poachers.

He has been fondly named “Leo” because of his amazing fighting spirit. Its moments like these that one really feels that we are making a difference.

We would like to thank all of our donors for believing in us and allowing our project to grow from strength to strength. The Project has become an integral part of the Greater Kruger Protection Foundation and plays a valuable role in rhino protection and anti-poaching.


We wish you all a fabulous 2017 and may this year be “The year of the rhino!”

To donate please visit: https://give.everydayhero.com/au/safarifrankconservation

To find out about our 2017 rhino conservation tours read more here.

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