Going Mobile

10 May 2017

EcoTraining Karongwe Camp Fire

A crackling fire, under the stars with the sound of a distant male lion calling…this is Africa. Then suddenly another lions responds, this time closer, much closer. “Lets go check it out, shall we?”

Ive muttered those words on a number of mobile safaris and there’s probably nothing more rewarding than locating the culprit! But what Ive noticed is that moments like these are what people tend to never forget and everyone I’ve met who has chosen to do a mobile safari have fallen in love with it!

Although initially it takes some convincing from myself to get people out there and to experience one for themselves. This is where the problem comes! How does one explain what a mobile safari is without scaring people off. Lots of people seem to get scared off by the word “camping” yet its not true camping? Yes it involves tents but big, luxury, comfortable tents. In fact all the essentials that lodges have are present inside. Warm showers, three course meals and an open bar! And the best part about it?….Its all done for you! No effort!

golden africa safaris tent outside


So pretty much, it’s a basic lodge? What’s the advantage? Well its mobile! That’s the point, the camp is able to move to different locations offering you a more diverse experience. The campsites are often set in areas that vary greatly from one another so as to expose you to different habitats and as such the different species that live within them. It keeps things exciting! It’s the best way to see what the country has to offer in terms of diversity.

So which country is the best for mobiles? In my opinion, definitely Botswana! A starting point of small town called Maun gives one access to all of the exciting and famous parks you might have heard about. Its all close together so travel time is minimised and game viewing maximised! Botswana in terms of wildlife is….Pumping! And on top of all of this the service and quality of the mobile is amazing.

It all comes together for the ultimate package to give you the maximum exposure in a very comfortable format, yet still keeping it real with a old style safari feel. Safari as it should be! Give it a go


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