Go where others simply cannot…

3 July 2017

It was hard to imagine what the final product would look like while it was still in construction. Shane obviously had the idea in his head and I knew what it was to become but never the less, my jaw was still hanging the first time it pulled up… finished!

The beast iveco game viewer tyre

Incredible! Every little thing thought of and perfected. One bystander said, “you have just brought business class to gameviewing”, and he was damn well right. This definitely is the first of its type, the best game viewing vehicle in Africa.

I was itching to take it out for its first ever game drive, and it certainly didn’t take long for us to hit the dusty road. No messing around we hit what is some of the worst corrugation in Southern Africa, testing to see if anything rattles or shakes loose. But amazing… it was smooth, rolling over like it was too easy. Even when we picked up speed to 80km/h, a speed where we should be starting to lose control of the vehicle, it kept its grip and was flying through with ease.

The beast iveco game viewer set up


Ok, so it handles the main road fine, but this is an off-road BEAST, so lets take it where it belongs. OFF-ROAD. We entered the wilderness area and as we started looking for animals we realized our advantage… height. We were able to see over bushes and tall grass, which in any normal game viewer would have blocked our vision and limited our ability to spot game. No issue for us.

It didn’t take us long to be surrounded by a herd of about 40 elephants all drinking at a waterhole. But what was the best part about it was that a vehicle drove past us, but the driver and the passengers weren’t looking at the elephants, they turned and looked at us and started taking photos of our vehicle, amazed as they have never seen anything this impressive.

The beast iveco game viewer on safari


We cruised the whole day through thick sand, mud, narrow road and bumpy road, all without using the arsenal of lower gear ratios available. So what that means is that when it really comes down to going off road, where you wouldn’t dare go with a cruiser or land rover, this vehicle can make it. It can go through deeper water, sand and mud, all while still being comfortable and having that business class feel. We changed the game.

The beast iveco game viewer guest drink stop


Next time someone says to us, ‘don’t use that road, it’s not passable’, we would say, ‘challenge accepted mate!

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