First time on safari? – Here is why you should go with a private guide.

21 July 2018

At safariFRANK we focus on one thing especially – apart from an authentic wilderness experience and incredible animal sightings – WE FOCUS ON THE SAFARI GUIDE.

It is our firm belief that the guide can make or break your safari – s/he is after all the one person you will be spending most of your time with during your African bush holiday.

Which is why we work with private guides. Now, the first two that come to your mind right now might be Gesa and Frank – and yes, we do privately guided safaris from time to time. However, our schedule is limited – we can only take so many of you on safari personally. It is for that reason that we have established working relationships all over Southern Africa with our favourite guides – people who know their particular area by heart and who have been in the safari industry for a very long time.

So, what is a private guide then? Well, a private guide is a tour-leader who joins your trip from start to finish and ensures that your African holiday runs smoothly.

Especially as a first-timer on safari, going with a private guide can enrich your holiday immensely.

Here is why:

No worries.

From the moment you enquire with us about your upcoming trip until you board your plane back home at the end of your holiday, someone will be there for you every step of the way. You don’t need to worry about a thing, trusting that you are in good hands with someone who knows his/ her way around.


24/7 Support

Your guide travels with you all the way and will be there not only during game-drive-time. So you will get a lot more out of your African experience and get away with seeing the bush in a completely different light.


Good relations

A private guide knows his/ her way around the places you are going to visit. Which room is the best in a particular lodge? When do shops open/ close? What is the best time of day to visit Victoria Falls? Can I do laundry at the next destination? Is there Wifi along the way for me to update friends and family back home?

Taking a private guide along on a safari is quite a common thing in Africa, as it gives you peace of mind and provides a bit of security. We want you to get the best out of your holiday – and we believe that this is the way to go.

Have a look at Gesas and Franks privately guided safaris here.

And if these dates don’t suit you – don’t worry: Send us a message and request a tailor-made safari to your dream-destination – with a private guide you can trust.

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