South Africa

"A diverse country at the tip of the continent"

Welcome to the gateway of Africa! South Africa will capture your heart with its sensational scenery, exotic wildlife, colourful culture and all of its natural splendour (which is boundless!). A country like no other, that will leave even the most seasoned traveller inspired.

As the name suggests, South Africa is located at the southern end of the world’s most epic continent, Africa. Filled with unique landscapes, awe-inspiring scenery and huge biodiversity it is easy to understand why it has become a popular tourist destination. This colourful country is often referred to as the “Rainbow Nation” because of the diversity of its people and what it has to offer, including wildlife, breathtaking coastlines, an interesting history and a variety of cultures.

South Africa blends the old with the new, with wild and remote areas that are renowned for exceptional game viewing, as well as modern cities that have world-class facilities and a complex, rich history.

Although there is a great deal to see in South Africa, safariFRANK, in line with its “we’re for wild” philosophy, only focuses on a few select areas that we feel are still truly wild, showcasing the REAL AFRICA… And for those who have heard of the legendary Southern Cape, we also include awesome tours of Cape Town and all that area has to offer!

South Africa being one of the most established tourism countries in Africa means the diversity of travel offerings in the nation is staggering. There’s something for all travelers, no matter your interests, budget or expectations. But in the ‘safari world’ South Africa is well known for its luxury safaris as many of the finest lodges in Africa can be found here. Typically, those on a luxury safari to South Africa, combine Cape Town and the winelands with a top luxury safari lodge in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve where the wildlife sightings and photographic opportunities are second to none. The Sabi Sands in particular is dotted with many 5-star luxury safari lodges and is well known throughout the world as one of the best places to view the big 5 in their natural environment. Access from Cape Town to here with flights is very easy, and convenient, as is carrying on to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe (another popular add-on to a luxury safari in South Africa). This classic combination of Cape Town, a few days of luxury safari and then Victoria Falls at the end, make South Africa the perfect holiday for those high-end travelers whom are wanting the safari section of their trip to be shorter, yet still want to see the big 5, and also seeing the other two iconic locations. This differs from neighboring countries where the safari section typically covers most of your holiday.

Fast facts

  • Population of 56 million
  • South Africa covers 1,219,090 square kms
  • 11 official languages most of which are indigenous to South Africa
  • 3000 km of coastline, meeting place of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans
  • South Africa has 3 capital cities – Cape Town (legislative), Pretoria (administrative) and Bloemfontein (judicial)
  • One of the seventeen countries globally described as being ‘megadiverse’, making South Africa one of the biologically wealthiest nations in the world

Where to go

“Scenic beauty, magnificent outdoors, wild animals, sunny climate, cultural diversity and value for money, no wonder South Africa is one of the fastest growing travel destinations.”

South Africa has an overwhelming amount to offer and choosing where to go can be a real challenge. We feel that since you have travelled so far to see Africa you need to experience the “REAL AFRICA”. We have carefully selected only two wildlife areas that offer value for money and truly showcase the offerings of this beautiful continent. These are the private reserves in the central Greater Kruger National Park (GKNP) and the Makuleke Concession inside the northern Kruger Park. Both are very different but equally beautiful and special. The GKNP provides fantastic viewings of the BIG5 in the wild (no fences) and Makuleke is primarily concerned with the beautiful landscapes, wildlife and birds, birds and more BIRDS!

It’s difficult to forget about Cape Town! The beautiful city is a must-see. It’s the perfect way to end your holiday (perhaps with a glass or two of wine in the vineyards of Stellenbosch).

Why we like it

  • Very developed with good infrastructure across the country
  • The gateway into Africa
  • Value for money
  • Expect the unexpected with world-class wildlife encounters (including all of the BIG5)
  • Great for new and seasoned bird watchers and photographers
  • Authentic African experience with heaps of adventure.
  • Cape Town… ‘nuff said!

Safari Locations In South Africa

Central Greater Kruger Park

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Kalahari South Africa

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Makuleke Concession Pafuri

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Southern Greater Kruger Park

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The Cape, Garden Route & Coastline

Cape Town

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Cape Winelands

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Garden Route

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Whale Coast

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Safaris in South Africa

Lodge 11 Nights South Africa
Budget level: Top-End
Lodge 8 Nights South Africa
Budget level: High-End
Lodge 13 Nights Zambia
Budget level: High-End
Lodge 12 Nights Zimbabwe
Budget level: Mid-Range
Lodge and Canvas 3 Nights South Africa
Budget level: Budget
Lodge and Canvas 9 Nights South Africa
Price $1800 USD
Lodge and Canvas 9 Nights South Africa
Price $1800 USD
Camping 3 Nights South Africa
Price $1300 USD
Mobile Safari 14 Nights Zimbabwe
Budget level: Affordable
Lodge and Canvas 5 Nights South Africa
Budget level: Budget
Lodge and Canvas 6 Nights South Africa
Budget level: Mid-Range
Lodge and Canvas 6 Nights South Africa
Budget level: Budget
Lodge 6 Nights South Africa
Budget level: Affordable
Lodge and Canvas 6 Nights South Africa
Budget level: High-End
Lodge and Canvas 10 Nights South Africa
Budget level: Mid-Range

When to Go

South Africa is generally mild throughout the year with many clear, sunny days. Overall it is a dry country with average annual rainfall of around 500mm. Days are warm to hot and nights can be quite cold. Deciding when to go will depend on personal interests and preferences.

Wet Season (November to April)

Summer is peak season in South Africa and for good reason, as the country is green and full of new life. It is a good time for travelling for photographers, as there is great light, colour and vivid subject matter. It is also the time to go if you have an interest in birds as all the migrants are present with beautiful breeding plumage and calls. Summer temperatures can soar into 40 degrees (Celsius) in the “bushveld” and brings frequent and heavy thunderstorms. If you plan to travel during this time make sure to book well in advance as it can get busy.

Dry season (May to October)

Winter is low season and therefore a great time to get a better deal and avoid crowds. Also on offer is optimal game viewing, as there is less water around, which naturally concentrates the animals around established waterholes. Winter days are beautiful and warm ; however, the nights and early mornings can be very cold making game drives in an open game-viewing vehicle an experience!

Learn more

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More about when to travel


If possible avoid the Easter break and school holidays, as there are more travellers around and prices are often inflated. A great time to visit South Africa is in-between seasons (April/May and September/October), the spring and autumn weather is beautiful and it is still optimal for wildlife viewing.


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