"Home to true, unspoilt wilderness"

Described as “one of africa’s last wild and open frontiers”, Botswana is the gateway to the safari adventure of a lifetime.

Boasting one of the lowest human populations on earth and one of the largest and most varied wildlife densities, Botswana is a nation of paradoxes and good fortune where wildlife runs free, protected from man.

Botswana’s vast herds of elephants and predators and its abundance of birds, are supported by the nation’s globally unique natural wonders – from the remote Kalahari Desert to the spectacular swamps of the Okavango Delta where water travels over 1,000 km from Central Africa and disappears into the sand, never reaching the ocean. In the center of Botswana you’ll find the famous Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the ancient Makgadikgadi Pans, with the Okavango Delta and Chobe located further north.

The nation is best known for its luxury safari lodges and is one of the most sought-after destinations in Africa for this. A Botswana luxury safari is world class and is hard to beat elsewhere in Africa, as most of the top luxury lodges in Botswana come with their own exclusive private concessions. So those travelling in style have the combination of a small-sized luxury lodge mixed with exclusive access to some of the most incredible wildlife areas on the continent. It’s this intimacy, privacy, luxury and wilderness combined that make this the ultimate destination for a luxury safari. As a result Botswana has adopted a ‘low volume, high cost’ model which see’s these luxury lodges coming with a big price tag. But if you want exclusivity, luxury and the best-of-the-best, then a Botswana luxury safari is for you.

Aside from luxury safaris, Botswana is also a great place for adventure safaris and our favourite means for this is a Mobile Safari. This sees you exploring some of the most iconic wildlife areas with your own private camp and crew that does all the heavy lifting of setting up, cooking fantastic meals and moving the camp for you. Leaving you to relax and learn from your expert guides on extended game drives and unparalleled game viewing. Read more on mobile safaris in Botswana here.

Follow Frank & Gesa’s adventure in Botswana on the blog. They visited all the wild and wonderful places in Botswana, met the legends and created some AWESOME footage of the adventure..


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Fast facts

  • Population 2 million – highest GDP per capita in Africa
  • 950 meters above sea level, 600 km from the nearest coast
  • 70% of the country is Kalahari desert – flat and arid
  • 40% of the country is dedicated to wildlife areas
  • Ranked 28 out of 163 on the 2016 Global Peace Index, the region has a safe, stable and friendly environment

Why we like it

  • Globally unique natural wonders
  • Prolific wildlife and birds
  • Open environment through which animals largely roam free
  • Off the beaten track, it has a low number of visitors
  • Strong political support for conservation
  • Adventure is around every corner!

Locations in Botswana

Central Kalahari

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Makgadikgadi Pans

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Northern Botswana

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Northern Tuli Mashatu Game Reserve

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Botswana Safaris

Lodge and Canvas 12 Nights Zimbabwe
Budget level: Mid-Range
Self drive 36 Nights Namibia
Budget level: Affordable
Mobile Safari 6 Nights Botswana
Price $2460 USD
Mobile Safari 12 Nights Botswana
Price $4545 USD
Mobile Safari 8 Nights Botswana
Price $3200 USD
Self drive 16 Nights Zimbabwe
Budget level: Mid-Range
Lodge 10 Nights Botswana
Budget level: Mid-Range
Mobile Safari 9 Nights Namibia
Price $6995 USD
Mobile Safari 9 Nights Botswana
Budget level: Budget
Lodge and Canvas 7 Nights Botswana
Budget level: Mid-Range
Lodge and Canvas 5 Nights Botswana
Budget level: Affordable
Lodge and Canvas 11 Nights Zimbabwe
Budget level: High-End
Lodge 12 Nights Zimbabwe
Budget level: Mid-Range
Lodge and Canvas 10 Nights Botswana
Budget level: High-End
Lodge and Canvas 11 Nights Zambia
Budget level: High-End
Lodge and Canvas 8 Nights Zimbabwe
Budget level: Mid-Range
Mobile Safari 10 Nights Botswana
Price $1985 USD
Mobile Safari 9 Nights Botswana
Price indicator $7500 USD

When to Go

Botswana has something to offer all year round, with each season delivering extraordinary adventure and unique wildlife experiences. When planning your trip, it’s best to first consider what journey you’d like to immerse yourself in. If you’re a bird watcher, the wet season would be best for you, however if you’re after large herds of buffalo and elephants, then the dry season would be the ideal time to visit. If you’re a photographer – anytime is a good time.

Wet Season (November to April)

Rains are short lived but very heavy, with temperatures soaring at the beginning of the wet season before petering out towards the end to maintain warm evenings throughout. Thunderstorms move through the region quickly, lighting up the landscape in spectacular fashion and revealing a lush landscape, rich with wildlife and greenery.

Dry season (May to October)

During the dry season, the rain water that has fallen in the Angola hills starts to flood down though the Okavango Delta, creating an oasis of wetlands and forests which attract one of the greatest concentrations of animals on the planet.
The season starts with warm days and cold nights (May to August), before transforming to the hottest and driest month in October.

Learn more

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More about when to travel


High Season in Botswana is from mid June to mid October. If you are able to travel outside of this period, it may be more cost effective and more rewarding with fewer travellers.


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