“Botswana Adventure Safari with Gesa & Frank” by Andreas Caviezel

26 September 2018

Nature, animals and relaxation.


Andreas  & Gabriela Caviezel

Travel time:

August 2018

Type of Safari:

  • Mobile, lodges and walking safari in Botswana with Frank and Gesa.
  • Started in Kasane, then onto Savuti in Chobe National Park, to Khwai on the edge of the Okavango Delta, then flew to Chiefs Island in the middle of the Delta and from there explored the surrounding area in mokoros and on foot.

3 words that describe your trip:

Nature, animals and relaxation.


Your favorite place and why?

Difficult to decide … Okavango Delta. Away from civilization, exploring using mokoros and on foot… indescribably beautiful.


What was your best wildlife encounter?

Also difficult to answer, there were so many impressive animal encounters … The leopard eating the impala … the honey badger, the serval, the wild dogs, the birds! The civet cats, the lions and elephants on foot … we cannot decide!


Would you recommend this safari and if so why?

Absolutely!! All nature lovers will get their money’s worth! You will see and learn something new every day! The food, lodges, vehicles, guides and helpers are fantastic! Pure Adventure.


How were your guides, Frank and Gesa?

Guides were actually Steve and Okwa. Gesa and Frank were the tour guides who looked after us excellently! Their knowledge and joy have accompanied us every day in the most beautiful way. We do not want to miss the hours with them! We were welcomed from the first minute. We miss them and the great time, so we booked the next safari with them for 2019!


How was your experience with safariFRANK?

SafariFRANK was and is incredible! Stephanie in Berlin is an extraordinary organizer. She was very friendly, fast and extremely competent. Everything was super-fast, she made excellent suggestions, described the whole journey and delivered it all to us via the Travelkey app, unbelievable! We have traveled a lot, but we have never experienced anything like that. Many thanks!


What’s on your Africa bucket list?

We do not have a list. We are happy every day in Africa. No matter where we are in Africa we discover new landscapes, animals, people. Sharing the awesome moments with nice people is just beautiful.


More comments?

We always had a common interest, nature, with our guides. Conservation has priority. If Steve saw something on the dirt track that was not supposed to be there, he stopped and took it with him. “This gas cap and this PET bottle belong to someone … he certainly misses them.” Okwa was the calm himself, extremely interested in everything, and adores nature. He let us feel his love for nature every minute. He gave us security and taught us many valuable things. The respect for every little piece in the ecosystem was always there.

Both had a great crew, who were there for us almost non-stop. They did incredible things with a lot of humor and cordiality! The whole assembly and dismantling of the camps, the culinary highlights, conjured on the wood fire, the hot water for showering, even ice cream for the drinks. The organisation was excellent, thanks!

Gesa translated to German so that all could follow well. Frank was a great help to us as we are bird crazy; he could recognize all birds at the first note. Both love their profession!

August in Botswana is winter. Do not forget to pack warm things incl. beanie and scarf!

10 days without cell phones and internet did us well, we did not miss either. Digital Detox, highly recommended!

We came home relaxed after this trip, ready for everyday life and the next unforgettable moments in Africa!

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