African explorer

9 November 2017

A life changing experience!

Guest Name:

Britta Glasemann


Time of travel:

October 2017



South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe


3 words to describe your experience?

Life – changing – experience


What was your favourite spot and why?

Khwai. Here you can find a great variety of animals, but also a magical landscape with many swamps and rivers, water lilies and exotic, colorful bird species. Some of you might remember “Never Never Land” from Peter Pan? Like „Never Never Land“, Khwai is a beautiful place that could easily have been invented by Walt Disney himself, but actually exists in real life.


What was your best wildlife encounter?

A little baby leopard with his mother. It was fascinating to see how these animals have their very own personality from such an early age. The little one was very curious and dared to keep moving away from his mom, until she finally started calling him back.


Why would you recommend other people to go on safari?

I have the feeling that today we have no relation to nature anymore. We are afraid of insects and do not know what to do with the animal giants on earth, such as elephants, for example. On safari you learn where your place is. You learn to have respect for other creatures and the environment that surrounds you and that us – humans – do not own this planet. A lot of people also think that going on safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and once you’ve seen the Big Five, you do not have to go back. And before my trip I guess I thought the same, but safari is so diverse! Each day in the bush is different from the next.


How was it to travel with Frank and Gesa?

These two just live the safari lifestyle. Frank – a true “bird nerd”, as he describes himself – loves nothing more than to see how his guests get excited about the scenery and the wildlife that reveal themselves on a safari. While Gesa proves photographic skills and takes the time to explain to her guests, which setting works best in which light. They complete each other and are the perfect safari duo!


What’s on your Africa bucket list?

First, I have to mention that I am absolutely grateful for what I have seen on my trip. However, there are so many more places to visit on the African continent. I would love to visit Zambia, Kenya or Rwanda for that matter.


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