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Tanzania’s unique horse riding adventures at the base of Kilimanjaro

What is this safari about?


This horse riding safari takes place in the wilderness of Tanzania, at the bottom of Kilimanjaro. This is a landscape of an impressive imagination and offers an even more impressive experience.

The routes lead horse and rider through the steppe landscapes for which East Africa is famous for. Passing Maasai land, where the traditional peoples still graze their cattle as they have done for hundreds of years, explore different high altitude regions,  including tropical regions with numerous rivers as well as unusual dry forests.

Two safaris are offered in 2 different regions around Kilimanjaro, each with a maximum of 6 riders. Individual rides can be organised for larger groups.


The 8-day ‘Meru-Kilimanjaro Riding Safari’ starts in the West Kilimanjaro and leads you through a game corridor into the Arusha National Park. Experience the breathtaking wilderness of northern Tanzania up close. With a difference in altitude of up to 4,500 metres, this region offers 5 different vegetation zones.

The safari starts with the open and wide savannah which is so typical for Tanzania and invites you to gallop alongside herds of giraffes. Continue to lush green buffalo meadows, rainforests with tropical vegetation populated numerous primates and bird species. In higher regions, there are evergreen mountain forests and Afro-alpine regions that are interspersed with craters, lakes and rivers. These varied landscapes offer a habitat for many antelope species, elephants, buffalos, predatory cats and hippos. All of this occurs with the backdrop of Kilimanjaro, which you will never tire of.

The first and last night of the safari is spent at Makoa Farm in cosy cottages facing Kilimanjaro. Here the adventure begins. In addition to the safari horses, the farm also hosts a large number of rescued or injured wild animals, which are released back into the wild after their recovery, as part of its veterinary clinic and animal rescue station. Thus, the first rare species can already be marvelled at with the arrival at the farm. The evening feeding of the Galagos or bush babies is an unmissable highlight.

During the safari, 5 more nights are spent in a mobile camp, with mobile horse paddock which is set up daily at areas of beautiful scenery.  The walk-in tents with comfortable beds and attached wash tents offer a level of comfort that you probably wouldn’t expect in the wilderness. A team of chefs and waiters cook fresh dinners for you each evening, while you exchange your experiences of the day’s excitement around the cosy campfire.


The ‘South Amboseli Ride’ takes you on an 8-day riding adventure in the northern regions of Tanzania up to the Kenyan border in the Amboseli National Park. The ride passes right in the middle of the famous Maasailand. Here live the traditional people of Tanzania and Kenya, who are especially known for their beautiful and colourful body decorations.

After spending the first night at Makoa Farm, the ride starts in West Kilimanjaro. From there, the route heads west through the wildlife corridor, where you will surely meet the first wild animals of your trip. This area is known for its vast open steppes and offers perfect conditions for wildlife watching. Herds of wildebeests, zebras and giraffes are easily spotted from a distance.

During the safari, the route will take you through a variety of scenery, including the huge cactus-like Euphorbia tree forests, and the Ngasurai plains, which invite you to fast gallops. With a bit of luck, you will even be accompanied by a herd of giraffes on the plains.

Close to the Kenyan border, the landscape changes again and you dive into an unreal expanse of white salt pans, green grasslands and acacia forests. Big game like elephants feel at home here and there is also a healthy population of predators so vigilant riding is the order of the day. Last but not least here you will get the chance to get to know the Maasai people a little better and gain insight into their life in the bush and their traditional medicines.

The mixture of incredibly varied habitats, the diverse animal and bird population, the unique view of the Kilimanjaro and the colourful Maasai people make this area of Tanzania one of the most exciting regions of Africa and thus an unforgettable riding adventure.

Who can go?

  • The safaris are only suitable for experienced and confident riders.
  • If you are a sporty and experienced rider who enjoys long riding distances and demanding gallops, the South Amboseli Ride is the right safari for you.  
  • The Meru-Kilimanjaro Riding Safari covers a little less distance, but still offers very varied scenery and wildlife.
  • For non-riding friends or family members, alternative programmes can be organised on foot or by vehicle, with the meeting points matching those of the riders, so picnics and breaks can be spent together.  
  • Day rides for inexperienced riders are offered on and around the spacious farm grounds.

Why is this special?

  • Riding at the bottom of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa offers unique scenery.
  • Due to the differences in altitude, this is one of Africa’s most diverse regions, with 5 different vegetation zones.
  • Activities for non-riders can be organised and synchronised with those of the riders.
  • This area offers varied and even tropical wildlife.
  • The Makoa Farm Animal Sanctuary is an adventure itself.

Where is this?

Makoa Farm is located to the south of Kilimanjaro, directly at its base.

The Meru-Kilimanjaro Riding Safari starts in the savannah of the West Kilimanjaro, leads into the Arusha National Park and offers the greatest variety of scenery and game species. From scrubland and vast plains, the route leads into the mountain rainforests of Arusha with lush greenery, meadows, rivers and lakes and a corresponding variety of game species. The ride in Arusha Park is rather slow, due to the dense terrain, which often leads through forests, sometimes through swamps and steep rocky passages.

The South Amboseli Ride leads through a fascinating and typical African landscape and near the Amboseli National Park north of Kilimanjaro you will find extensive salt pans with acacia forests. The riding route leads over wide plains, interrupted by bush savannah and the rocky foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

What should I expect to pay?

  • The Meru-Kilimanjaro Riding Safari is US$ 4,860 per person for 7 nights in double room/tent plus US $1,020 entrance fees and nature conservation fees for private and National Reserves such as Arusha National Park.
  • The South-Amboseli Ride is US$ 4,860 per person for 7 nights in a double room/tent, plus US$ 783 entrance fees and nature conservation fees for private and National Reserves.

What Extensions do you recommend?

If you are in Tanzania, the Serengeti is an absolute must do for everyone. So how about a walking safari through Africa’s most famous national park?

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