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Nxai Pan Mobile Camp

"Home to an annual zebra migration!"

Price from $450 USD
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Mar to Dec
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Camp Temporary

“Home to an annual Zebra migration during the rainy season and a high concentration of Kalahari species in the dry season, Nxai Pan is very unique indeed”

The private mobile campsites are located in the northern section of Nxai Pan National park. The National Park entrance is roughly two and a half hours of driving in an easterly direction from Maun.

In the North of the Nxai Pan National Park lies a large open and grassy pan system surrounded by a well wooded wall of trees around its rim. This grassy expanse along with the permanent man-made water hole attracts plenty of desert adapted herbivores, which in turn supports a healthy predator population which include the spotted hyena, lion, leopard and even cheetah. During the wet season this grassland is transformed into a grazing animal’s paradise and is then, home to a large population of Zebra which migrate from all over Botswana to its plains, making for an amazing wildlife spectacle.

Mobile safaris have been around since the very beginning of safaris in Africa. They have been changed, adapted, advanced and perfected but the original concept has not been lost, the “take everything along, but leave nothing behind”. The luxury in a mobile safari is the ability to uproot the camp and change location without a trace. This allows you to have the same crew, same guide, same camp setup but in a new and unexplored area thus broadening your exposure and increasing your overall safari experience.

The camp crew normally consists of an experience bush chef, a waiter, an expert safari guide and a number of camp hands, all of whom’s jobs are to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. The camp is moved in advance by specially modified vehicle or truck, with all duties and setup being done by the crew and is made ready prior to your arrival in the new location. It’s all the benefits of luxury camping, without any of the hard work!

Although there are many different ways it can be done, we recommend three different levels of luxury which we believe match most people’s expectations in terms of comfort:

3 star – 3x3m Dome tented Mobile Safari

  • A smaller tent containing two single bedframes or stretchers with comfortable mattresses
  • The most affordable tented option

3.5/4 star – Mini Meru tented Mobile Safari

  • Large walk in sized tents with plenty of room to maneuver and walk around unhindered by tent height.
  • Contains two single bedframes or stretchers with comfortable mattresses
  • Bedside stands with better lighting and storage options.

5 star – Mini Meru tented Mobile Safari

  • Flushing toilets
  • Copper basins and jugs inside the tents
  • Sisal carpets & Persian rugs
  • Premium wines and spirits as well as 5 star menu paired with wines
  • Higher staff compliment

All of the above tents are complimented with en-suite bathroom areas which contain pitfall toilets (5 star has flushing toilet), and bucket shower systems which are filled with warm water upon request. All bedding and linen are also supplied and refreshed on longer trips. Bath towel, face cloths and hand towels are also supplied.

Delicious meals are served under the dining tent where you will be waited on by the beautifully set dining table. The meals are prepared by a specialist bush chef who is skilled in the fine art of cooking over the open fire. Hearty three course dinners, fresh home baked bread, access to coffee at all times of day and a well-stocked bar that’s open 24/7, there’s really not much these camps don’t offer!

These safaris are also fully inclusive in terms of drinks and meals so all that is left to do is relax and enjoy being pleasantly comfortable, exquisitely well looked after and in close proximity to nature and the wilderness that is Northern Botswana.





Why we like it

  • Accommodation in the most authentic and adventurous form possible, a mobile tented camp.
  • Home to an incredibly large annual migration of Zebra during the rainy season.
  • Easily accessible from Maun making it a great addon to the normal mobile circuit.
  • Home to a mixture of Kalahari adapted species as well as other more common in areas with permanent water.
  • Man-made waterholes keep wildlife in the area for the dry season.

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