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Ngare Serian

“Luxurious and intimate right on the edge of the Mara River”

Budget level: Top-End
Property Type
Camp Permanent
Masai Mara

Ngare Serians’ intimacy makes it perfect for a group of friends, or family… don’t forget to book a night in ‘The Nest’, BEST tree house around!

Ngare’ translates to ‘by the river’ in the Maasai language, and the idea behind this snug little camp was to transport the serenity of the original Serian camp to the water’s edge.

Hugging the banks of the Mara, Ngare Serian is cosy and intimate. It can only be reached on foot, over a narrow rope bridge – and in a way the crossover is symbolic: a call to step out of touch and out of time and give yourself over to the natural charm of the place. There’s something special about being on the water’s edge – the water slipping and sloshing over the stones sets a soothing soundtrack, but at the same time its energy and movement lends lightness and life – green shoots, verdant growth and glossy rocks that metamorphose into hippos.

Ngare Serian consists of only 4 tents, and this intimacy makes it perfect for hosting a family holiday or gathering a group of friends. The tents are dotted along the riverbank, decked out in style with Zanzibar four-poster beds and open bathrooms overlooking pods of hippo. Take a leaf out the hippos’ book: lounge languidly, soaking up the sights and sounds of the bush from the bathtub built into your veranda decking.

Ngare is nestled in the private Mara North Conservancy, and is also perfectly positioned to take advantage of some 600 hectares of exclusive conservation area. Yes, a wilderness area that belongs just to Ngare, and is all yours to roam and explore… If you ever dreamed of your own slice of Africa – this is it. Tucked away in this conservation area, and a mere gentle stroll from camp, is ‘The Nest’, a gorgeous sleep-out spot, or a perfect perch to have a picnic…in general, a great extension of the peace and seclusion of Serian.

Because the camp is free to do as they please in their own little zone, night drives and fishing in the river are also possible here. Walking is another great way to see the sights: tune into the whispering savannah silence away from the hum of a vehicle

Why we like it

  • Exclusive use of 4WD Safari vehicles and dedicated guide and spotter.
  • Its boutique style and intimate nature make it perfect for families or small groups.
  • BEST treehouse in the business for that unforgettable sleepout!
  • Great walking camp with an exclusive walking concession.
  • Part of the Serian family of camps and great adventures.

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