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Lewa Wilderness

“Great BIG 5 family safari run by one of Kenya’s legendary safari families”

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Situated near the base of Mt. Kenya – Africa’s second tallest mountain – Lewa Wilderness is one of Kenya’s oldest and most private safari ventures.

Always leave room for wildlife” – Alec Douglas (owner Will Craig’s grandfather)

Started in 1972, Lewa Wilderness lodge is an integral part of the history of Lewa Downs as it transformed from a farm into a not-for-profit wildlife conservancy that has gained an international reputation for extending the benefits of conservation beyond its borders.The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy now boasts 25 000 hectares of conserved land and the richness of wildlife here is astounding with over 70 different animal species and 350 bird species.

The Craig family has passed down from one generation to the next a distinct passion for wildlife, conservation and tourism, and they proudly continue to run Lewa Wilderness lodge and Walking Wild camel safaris. This place is as much a home as it is a truly unique and personal safari experience.

The lodge has nine exclusive rooms: six thatched cottages tucked into the hillside overlooking Lewa’s Eastern Marania Valley, and three thatched garden cottages set in the beautiful green lawns. Each cottage is tastefully decorated with some of the Craig’s own antique and handmade furniture, giving each rustic charm and the character of a ranch homestead.

The advantage of being located in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is that guests are surrounded by rich game viewing opportunities without the crowds. There is a very good chance of seeing all of the BIG 5 and Lewa is one of the only game parks where visitors are almost guaranteed to see the endangered black and white rhinos while on safari. With the backdrop of snow-capped Mount Kenya and the diversity of scenery from open plains, rolling hills, valleys, escarpments and rivers, Lewa is a magical place to game drive for the ultimate Kenyan safari experience.

Guests can go for a walk with one of the trained Maasai guides to enjoy the environment from a different perspective. There is nothing more thrilling than watching rhino or elephant grazing in the morning light whilst you are on foot or following the tracks of a leopard. Walks can be as easy or as hard as you like.

Walking Wild is a camel safari outfit based out of Lewa Wilderness. This venture offers guests the unique opportunity to explore by foot the remote valleys, hills and plains of both Lewa and neighbouring Maasai community conservation areas. Guests spend the days walking, whilst the camels and Maasai transport the camp, meeting up each evening for unforgettable nights camping out in the bush.

Riding one of the Lewa Wilderness horses allows you to enjoy the wildlife in its most natural form, without the sound of a car engine or the sight of a road – it’s truly quite a privilege. Many of our horses are used to carrying complete beginners enabling even first-time riders to enjoy this unique experience. Ride right up next to animals such as giraffe, zebra, impala, waterbuck, eland, ostrich and baboons. Advanced riders are welcome to arrange a more challenging excursion.

For a little something out of the ordinary, guests can go for a camel ride led by a Maasai Moran. The camel rides offer a great way to take in the scenery from a unique vantage point.

An opportunity you won’t want to miss – to fly the wilds of Kenya. This is an experience you can’t find anywhere else in Africa!
Fly in the open cockpit biplane with pilot, Will Craig. A former crop-dusting pilot Will takes guests right above the treetops and weaves through gorges to show off the beauty of his homeland. The plane can take two passengers who accompany the pilot on a journey over forests, herds of game, and through ravines that are otherwise virtually inaccessible. Just the BEST ever experience!

As a family home, Lewa Wilderness is very family friendly and we welcome kids of all ages. From pony rides, camel rides, Maasai games, exploring for cave paintings to crab fishing in the fresh water springs; there is a huge array of activities for all ages.

By staying at Lewa Wilderness, guests are automatically supporting the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and all of the conservation and community development efforts

Why we like it

  • Owned and run for generations by one of the legendary Kenyan safari families.
  • Plays a huge part in conservation of the area.
  • Great variety of safari activities including walking, riding and camel fly camping.
  • Flying with Craig in his bi-plain just the BEST experience in Africa!
  • GREAT for families and kids of all ages welcome!

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