Etendeka Mountain Camp

"The Etendeka Mountain Camp is a MUST-do for every adventurer who wants to be truly close to Mother Nature and is willing to step out of his comfort zone."

Budget level: Mid-Range
When to Go
All Year
Property Type
Camp Permanent

Nestled in the rugged nature of the Grootberg mountains, Etendeka Mountain Camp takes you back to the basics. For those who are willing to give up superfluous luxury and dare to step out of your accustomed comfort zone, a breathtaking experience will await you!

The basalt formations and mountains created by ancient lava flows that surround Etendeka Mountain Camp in north-western Namibia provide dramatic views and an almost unreal landscape that you will probably never get tired of.

Ten discreet Meru tents are cleverly embedded in the nature around the main building of the solar-powered camp. The focus here is on environmentally friendly accommodations that respect nature and the possibility of finding access to the pristine environment.

Most tents are equipped with single beds and comfortable mattresses, however double beds are also available. Due to the layout of the tents, you can even enjoy the wonderful view from your bed.
To perfect the bush experience, an open-air bucket shower awaits you, which can be enjoyed either hot or cold.
Each tent is discreetly furnished with all the necessary amenities such as bedside tables and seating, as well as shady seating in front of the entrance, inviting you to simply enjoy the moment, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the rugged Namibian wilderness.

The main building of the camp, which is also decorated in a rustic, warm style, includes a bar with the same fantastic views. Here the hot midday hours can be perfectly spent in the cool shade and in the evening, it invites you to have cool drinks and share exciting stories of the adventures of the day.  To make relaxation even more perfect, there is also a swimming pool with comfortable deckchairs for the sun lovers amongst you.
A lounge in the main part of the building is also the dining room, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served together at a long banquet table.

As already mentioned, Etendeka Mountain Camp is all about experiencing nature, so it offers various leisure activities to explore the surrounding nature and animal kingdom.
Besides the sunset walk, which you can even experience privately without a guide, and the stargazing after sunset, the guided morning walk is probably the absolute highlight. Professionally trained guides lead this hike and will give you the opportunity to get to know and understand fascinating details of nature. As there are no game fences anywhere in this area, a hike is even more exciting as you never know what animals you will see today.
For those who want to cover a little more distance, there is also the possibility to go on a game drive. Here, the focus is more on tracking the native animals.

Why we like it

  • A discreet, perfectly integrated into nature and sustainable camp.
  • Authentic safari experiences, thanks to comfortable tent accommodation with bucket showers.
  • Breathtaking views as far as the eye can see.
  • Unique leisure activities that allow a whole new approach to nature.

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