"The ultimate overlander"

Extreme Expedition & Overlanding Vehicle!

When on your next overlanding trip, do you want a vehicle that might make it there, or do you want one that definitely will make it?

Do you want to struggle driving through the African terrain or do you rather want to cruise and relax as you appreciate the area?

The answer is pretty simple, right?

It’s the Beauty !

The Beauty is based in Maun Botswana and is in our opinion one of the BEST overlanding expedition vehicles in Africa!
It was developed through collaboration between international off-road expedition expertise and local Botswana safari experience. The end product is a real ‘head turner’, a vehicle where its impressive image is only outdone by its off-road capabilities and comfort.

See more of the development program here.

Some of the awesome features of the Beauty are:

  • Based on an Iveco Daily 4×4, the class leading off road vehicle from Italy.
  • Increased ride height (1m above normal game viewers!) making spotting of wildlife so much easier.
  • Off road capabilities second to none, with 24 forward gears and 3 diff locks!
  • Full off-road racing suspension including King shocks from the USA, making for extremely comfortable driving even in the worst conditions.
  • Long range (350 litre) diesel tanks giving a range of over 1500km for those ‘off the beaten’ track expeditions.
  • On tap water supply with 320 litre capacity for all day use.
  • Imported remote-operated Travelander camper which opens with ease (30 seconds) and includes a built-in kitchen, hot water geyser, fridge, 130L water tank, high density foam queen size bed and  under bed storage space.
  • Inbuilt kitchen includes, swivel kitchen bench with sink + hot/cold mixer tap which is pumped from the main tank and a gas burner for quick easy cooking.
  • Inbuilt media unit with functions including latest Tracks 4 Africa maps, tyre pressure monitor, Bluetooth media and is touch screen operated.
  • The back-seat bench having been replaced with the same seats fitted to the driver and passenger and customizable independent suspension allowing for even more comfort on rough terrain.
  • All windows are tinted allowing for less penetration of the sun’s rays into the vehicle.
  • Upgraded audio system for those old classic road trip tunes.
  • Latest and greatest LED Light bar and upgraded headlight bulbs for safety whilst traveling at night.
  • In Built heavy duty compressor and tank with constant 8Bar pressure.
  • In cab controlled left and right airbag suspension for fine tuning according to load.
  • Three built-in fridges (150 litre) for keeping the beverages cold at all times!

Bigger vehicle, Lower Impact

  • The vehicle might be big but it actually has an efficient, refined and smaller 3 litre engine – compared than the standard 4.2 litre Land Cruisers that are inefficiently tuned. The vehicles power comes from its clever use of reduction gears, not a massive engine as is the case in regular game viewing vehicles.
  • The engine and exhaust also comply with strict emission standards and has not been modified from factory – the results is a much quieter engine noise than a typical land cruiser game viewer. Often times you can’t even hear the engine, this means less noise pollution and impact on wildlife. And certainly less sooty exhaust emissions.
  • The added height of the vehicle provides a better visual for wildlife viewing, resulting in less need to reposition and encroach closer to wildlife. Often times those in land cruisers need to off-road quite far and close to animals for an optimal view, whereas the vehicle and it’s occupants can remain at a respectful distance to wildlife.
  • The off-road ability of the vehicle is unrivalled. It’s near impossible to get bogged due to it’s diff-locks, aggressive tread pattern and clearance. The result being that the vehicle only ever leaves behind 2 tyre tracks (as does every other vehicle), but without the big holes and impact from getting stuck that other less capable vehicles have, especially in the wet season.

Frankly, you have to experience the difference to believe it!

Come Join Us!

The Beauty  is available for escorted self-drive overland trips for a max of 3 guests.