5 things you don’t need to bring on safari.

2 May 2018

Hello from the bush,

It’s Gesa and Frank here! Our guests ask us a lot of questions about all the things they need to bring on safari. And while we will provide each guest with a detailed packing list upon your booking with safariFRANK, we thought we’d share 5 things with you today that you should leave at home:

1.    Hair dryer

Ladies, have you seen Gesas’ hair? – Exactly. If she can do without a hairdryer out here, then so can you. Safari life is not about looking pretty – it’s about experiencing the true Wilderness. And that should include not worrying about your looks too much 😉

Gesas tip: Wash your hair at lunchtime. The African sun tends to be so hot then that your hair will dry perfectly fine within minutes anyway.

gesa partner

2.     Perfume

No need to smell good in the bush – plus: there are theories out there that especially elephants don’t like the smell of perfume and prefer your natural scent… nothing wrong with a bit of deodorant though 😉 But really, leave the perfume bottles at home – much easier at the airport as well.

safari with gesa and frank Gesa Neitzel and elephant

3.      Pocket knife

To all you guys out there: Yes, we do understand the need to Rambo things up a bit sometimes but there won’t be many occasions on safari where you will need a knife. Your guides will usually have one (she or he might even have a machete!) and if you ask nicely, they might let you use it…

camp zambezi mana pools guide tracks

4.     Outdoor-clothing bought just for this trip

No need to hit the outdoor-shops before your trip and buy a completely new wardrobe. Usually, what you have in your drawers will be fine. If you want to do bush-walks, a good pair of walking or running shoes can’t hurt! A set of neutral-colored clothing (beige, olive, brown) would be great! But as long as it’s not bright pink, black or white – we will still take you with us on the walk. Be eco-sensitive and resist the need to buy too many clothes you most likely will never wear again….

southern namibia fish river canyon photography safari

5.     Mosquito spray

The stuff you get in your home-country tends to be twice as expensive and half as effective. The majority of the lodges will have mosquito spray for you or you can buy the cheap, good stuff here in every supermarket.

Wolwedans Dune Lodge Room Interior


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