5 things you didn’t know about Namibia.

5 July 2018

Hello and “Guten Tag” from Namibia, guys! It’s Frank and Gesa and we are currently on a road trip exploring everything this vast county has to offer.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are rumoured to spent their honeymoon in Namibia – And what an excellent choice they made! Today we’d like to share with you ten things you may or may not have known about the desert country.

1. It’s home to the oldest desert on Earth

The vast and stunning Namib Desert is 80 Million years old – take that, Sahara! Namib translates to “the vast place” – so your chances of running into other human beings can be very slim, if you stay away from the tourist crowds – which is our aim with our 2019 Namibia safari by the way 😉

southern namibia sossuvlei aerial photo landscape workshop jason and emilie

2. Ship Wreck Central

Namibias coastline is littered with shipwrecks – some being very old and others fairly recent. Many of them are fishing boats coming from Angola. A drive up the Skeleton Coast up North from Swakopmund is the best way to discover these.

southern namibia namib meets the ocean aerial photography jason and emilie

3. More than 40 % is protected!

Yes, that’s almost HALF the country being under conservation management.

namibia namib rand landscape photo safari

4. Desert adapted Elephants

In the remote rivers of Damaraland in the North-West you can see desert-adapted elephants that wonder these unprotected areas. Some herds so isolated from the rest of the world, they might never see humans. One particular herd is known as the “Phantom herd”, hiding somewhere in the mountains.

Northen Namibia etosha big five elephant


5.  It’s home to the last free-roaming BLACK RHINOS left on earth! 

We have teamed up with Save the Rhino Trust on our next safari to go tracking in Damaraland and follow in the footsteps of these magnificent creatures… SO excited!


Northern Namibia Rhino Etosha



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