2 week safari training magic.

29 September 2017

Guest Name:

Sarah Pfenning


Time of travel:

September 2017

Destinations and Safari Type:

2 week safari guide course in South Africa


3 words to describe your trip


Wonderful, adventurous, unique


Why did you decide to do the training?


I always wanted to go to Africa. I read Gesa’s book and I loved it. I followed her on Facebook and when she said that she has a partner now, safariFRANK, I checked out the website and got in touch with Johan. I told him what kind of trip I had in mind, I wasn’t looking for a luxury safari in an expensive lodge, I was looking for a tour where you learn something about the environment and the wild animals and where you are and live in the wild with a small group of people who want to travel the same way as you and experience true nature. That’s when Johan suggested the EcoQuest course and I immediately loved the course description and thought this is exactly what I wanted to do so I was very happy to book the course.


What was your best wildlife encounter?


My best wildlife encounter was getting very close to three cheetahs feeding on a kill on foot! That was super exciting.


How did you find the educators and camp facilities?


The educators were absolutely fantastic! You could really feel that they loved their job and love nature. It was amazing how much they actually knew! They could answer almost all of the questions and if not they would look it up later and get back to you. When there was a bird that you could barely make out as a bird, they already knew which kind of bird it was. The same with tracks, where you could barely even see tracks, they could tell you from what kind of animal it was. They also always made us feel very safe. Even when we had animal encounters on foot I never felt like I was in danger because I completely trusted them. The camp facilities were also great! I also really enjoyed the fact that the camp in Karongwe was different from the one in Makuleke. Karongwe is a bit more simple, the tents for example but still great but getting to Makuleke afterwards and having your own toilet and shower was also great. Especially when you are a chicken and too afraid to go out of your tent at night to go to the bathroom, like I was. 😉


Who would you recommend this course to?


I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to experience true wilderness and wants to also explore it on foot. To everyone who is not only interested in driving around and seeing the big five and take pictures but to also really learn a lot from the bush. You should also be okay not to have any luxury accomodation. Simple but great. This is really a course for all ages. In my group the youngest person was 17 and the oldest was 69. It was great because age didn’t matter because we were all there for the same reason and got along great.

How was your experience working with safariFRANK?


My experience working with safariFRANK was excellent! I felt like I was in great hands all the time. When first e-mailing with Johan I felt like he really wanted to find the right course for me and I was provided with all necessary information and all my questions were answered to my full satisfaction. Everyone I was in touch with was very friendly as well. I would definitely book through safariFRANK again.


Where is next on your Africa bucketlist?


I think next on my Africa bucketlist is a trip to Botswana. The pictures I saw were just amazing. And I would like to visit my new friend from Cape Town who I met during my safari. 🙂

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