10 reasons to travel Zambia in 2019

18 December 2018

Zambia – our hidden gem! It is no secret that we have fallen for this landlocked country in southern Africa with its natural attractions that rival those of every major tourism destination in Africa, however, it is yet missing the crowds… But not for much longer. We believe that Zambia is the next best thing in the African tourism sector – the country is SO ready for it! The sheer size and remoteness of Zambia’s national parks mean no safari vehicle traffic jams, very personal service and an opportunity to meet massive mammals eye-to-eye.

Here are our ten reasons why you should visit Zambia in 2019 (in case you still have a hard time deciding 😉 )

1. Victoria Falls, obviously

Not many words are needed to explain why it is a brilliant idea to see this World Wonder! We are having so much fun every time we go and we believe that it is one of those tourist places that is actually NOT overrated. Just embrace getting wet and stand in awe right next to this natural miracle.

Victoria Falls Frank

2. The time is NOW!

We have traveled far and wide all over the country, from the lively town of Livingstone all the way to the hidden National Park of Kasanka where the yearly fruit-bat-migration happens and we are happy to report: Zambia is ready! Everywhere we went, we encountered friendly people who strive to turn their country into the next big tourism hub of Africa. The lodges and bush camps provide an excellent service, the animals are waiting to be discovered – and there are plenty!

bats kasanka zambia migration

3. The Valley of the Leopard

Speaking of plenty of animals: If it is the wildlife you are after, you simply HAVE to visit South Luangwa National Park aka. The Valley of the Leopard! It is amongst the best places we have visited to spot the big African cats and what is so nice about it is the fact that you don’t share your sightings with many other safari jeeps. You still get the sense of true Wilderness out here, as you enjoy a sundowner on the banks of the Luangwa river while listening to the hippos laughing in the waters and watching a herd of elephants crossing over.

luamba frank and gesa zambia

4. Walking safaris

South Luangwa, as well as other Zambian National Parks focus on excellent bush walking experiences. A legacy of Zambia’s pioneering conservationists, ambling through lush grass or dusty sandbanks on the trail of a pride of lions is a thrilling experience. And even if you don’t see the animals themselves, the guides or rifle-carrying scouts are excellent at explaining the small things, flora and fauna and tracks that will make the bush come alive for you. A truly awe-inspiring experience!

zambia south luangwa walking safari across plains

5. Bush Camps

Don’t be fooled: When you hear “bush camps” , you might think of longdrop toilets and bamboo huts – but Zambian bush camps couldn’t be further from this misconception!  Zambia has perfected the bush experience with excellent and comfortable luxury camps nestled deep into the African Wilderness. You will feel like you are living completely off the grid without having to miss out on any comforts you know from home.

nkozi camp south luangwa tents lanterns

6. Remote wilderness

The upside to Zambia’s rough roads and long distances is that this is not like Etosha or Kruger National Park – people simply can’t get here that easily. But if you simply hop on a plane, you will be rewarded with an awe-inspiring, remote Wilderness which will feel like you have it all to yourself.

lower zambezi tusk and mane elephants walking

7. It’s one of the safest countries in Africa

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Zambia is one of the safest countries in Africa. In fact, it’s very nearly rated as safe as Great Britain, which we can confirm: We have felt completely save in Zambia wherever we went. People were super-friendly and helpful, but also didn’t invade our space.

luambe camp sausage tree gesa

8. Night drives in Zambian National Parks

Night drives are a hit and miss but if you do find something at night, it is a thrilling experience – and it’s something that is just bot allowed in most National Parks in other countries. Go out after the sunset and spot nocturnal animals such as genets and civets, , porcupines, honey-badgers, but also increase your chances of seeing a leopard, hyenas on the prowl or lions making a kill.

leopard night timbavati

9. We will be there as your guides!

After travelling Zambia extensively in 2018, we have decided to spent an entire season in Zambia next year to explore and guide a few selected trips! This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit this stunning country without having to worry about anything. We will safely escort you around and show you the Zambian Wilderness through our eyes!

frank and gesa and guests

10. Eco-tourism

The Lower Zambezi National Park was recently listed as the world’s first carbon neutral park, which means that it completely offsets its greenhouse gas emissions generated from tourism activities. The park offers exceptional birdlife, as well as mammal sightings of lion, buffalo, hippo, and monkeys among others. Luambe National Park also received the same status in December 2017. Lucky you: We have some trips scheduled to both parks and can also recommend excellent accommodation and itineraries should these dates not work for you.

luambe camp bedroom

We see you out there…

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