10 mind-blowing African adventures for adrenaline-junkies!

17 June 2019

Africa is the place to make life-long incredible memories and seek adventures and experiences that will push you to the limit and gets you up close and personal with the wild!

Let’s have a look at ten of the craziest, pumped with adrenalin adventures you can have in Africa:


1. NAMIBIA: Fat-biking over the dunes of the Namib desert.

How much more FUN can you get out of an activity? Fat-biking over the dunes and experiencing the vastness of the Namib this way definitely should be on everybody’s bucket-list!


2. ZIMBAMWE: White-water-rafting below Victoria Falls.

If you are into water-sports rafting down the Zambezi-river right below the famous Victoria Falls will leave you absolutely pumped with adrenalin and awe!

3. TANZANIA: Fly-Camping in the Serengeti.

Only a small number of people know that you can do multi-day bush walks in the Serengeti. Sleeping out in the wild in simple dome-tents – leaving only footprints, taking only memories.

4. BOTSWANA: Off-grid boating-safari in the Okavango Delta.

SafariFRANK himself will take you on this incredible Botswana-adventure boating through the azure-blue channels of the Okavango Delta and exploring the Wilderness of Chief’s Island.

5. ZAMBIA: Sleep-Out under a million stars.

All that separates you from the wilderness around you is a mosquito-net… too crazy, you might think? – Don’t worry, you are accompanied by an armed ranger and you will absolutely LOVE listening to the night sounds and the crackling of the campfire.

6. TANZANIA: Climb the one and only Kilimanjaro.

Climbing “Killi” surely is on the bucket-list of many people across the globe – and for good reason: It is one of the greatest adventures anyone can ever have!

7. SOUTH AFRICA: Back to the roots backpacking trails.

Track rhinos on foot, learn how to make fire, read tracks and encounter big game on foot – all accompanied by the best safari guides in the industry! You will learn more about the bush and yourself than you ever thought possible!

8. BOTSWANA: Mountain-Biking in the Land of Giants.

Tired of sitting around in a game-viewer all day on your safari? How about you spice it up and hop onto the bike instead?

9. ZAMBIA: Canoeing down the mighty Zambezi.

How about paddling down the mighty Zambezi, next to a herd of elephants peacefully drinking on the banks of the river?

10. BOTSWANA: On horse-back through the Wilderness!

Horse-people won’t find a better sensation than galloping through the absolute vastness of the African Wild. The best way to experience Africa. You have never felt more alive!

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